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Wordscapes Answers and Cheat

Word games have been popular pastimes for a really long time. They usually involve using a bunch of random letters to form words, usually for points.

With mobile gaming becoming increasingly popular, a number of word games have made their way onto the platform.

From classic favorites such as Scrabble to crossword puzzles and even the latest fad Wordle, there are countless options for word-related mobile games.

While the more established of these games have had their own fan bases for quite a while, others have grown steadily to carve out a player base of their own. One such game is Wordscapes.

What Is Wordscapes?

Made by Word Chums creator PeopleFun, the game is takes elements of the crossword puzzle and the popular word game Boggle, and combines them to create something refreshingly different.

Since its release in June 2017, Wordscapes has made quite an impression on word game fans, and we're here to tell you why.

How Do I Play Wordscapes?

Unlike other brain-intensive — and in some cases luck-dependent — games, Wordscapes takes a simplistic approach to the genre.

The Basics

You will be given a wheel of letters and a mini crossword puzzle. Your task will be to fill up the puzzle using words made from only the letters on the wheel. There will be anywhere between 3 to 7 letters on the wheel. There is no time limit, though, so you can take as long as you need.

When you get a word right, it will link to another part of the crossword puzzle, which automatically acts as a clue as to what letter the next word begins with.

Once you have figured out all the words of the main puzzle, the level will end, you will be given points based on a number of factors, and you will advance to the next level or set of levels where you just rinse and repeat.

As you progress through the levels, the maximum word length for the Wordscapes puzzles will increase. The background of the puzzle will also change depending on your Wordscapes level.

Bonus Words

In a bid to subvert other games, Wordscapes includes the concept of the Bonus Word.

These are words that are not a part of the main puzzle. Finding bonus words will not help you advance to the next level, but will get you bonus points in the form of extra coins to buy powerups with.

The Challenge Word

Similar to Wordscapes' bonus words, the Challenge Word is a word which you do not need to advance to the next level, but will get you more points than a regular bonus word when you make it.

Using Power Ups to find Wordscape Answers

To make things easier for the casual player, Wordscapes offers players a number of "lifelines" which you earn by getting points or purchasing them using microtransactions.


This little power lets you unlock a blank space on the crossword.


The Lightbulb one-ups the Bullseye and lets you unlock an entire word.

Rocket Pop

These can reveal letters in small groups around an area.

Spelling Bee

The biggest and baddest of them all, this powerup lets you unveil letters while also dropping coins over the more difficult words in the puzzle.

Coins and Brilliance

As you solve levels by figuring out the right Wordscapes answers, you earn coins that you can use to unlock more powerups to get you out of sticky situations. As we have already mentioned, you can also get more coins by making bonus words and getting the daily Wordscapes answers.

Simultaneously, you'll also be racking up Brilliance Points. Your Brilliance score doesn't really affect anything, and merely acts as a metric of your own cumulative success.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle

Every day, the game will give you a brand new Wordscapes Daily Puzzles, which are essentially just like most level found later in the game, except with one little twist.

These also offer you a way to unlock a monthly bonus in the form of pictures. In order to get that, you need to earn stars by guessing the word with the butterfly on it, and any subsequent words it flies to.

Master Levels

Once you are at level 6001, you move on to what are called Master levels, which are the hardest challenges the game has to offer.

There are an allegedly endless number of these, with more said to be added every day, so you might never be able to finish all the Wordscapes levels!

Where Do I Get Wordscapes?

If you wish to download the Wordscapes app, a quick trip to the Google Play Store for Android devices or Apple Store for iOS devices will have you playing Wordscapes in no time.

Wordscapes Tips and Tricks

If you're having trouble getting all the Wordscapes answers from just the word wheel, there are a number of things you can try to help you get solutions.

Using All The Letters Right

As it is, you only have a few letters at your disposal. Since you can't get any more letters per round, make sure you try words starting with and using every letter available.

This can give you a whole new perspective, and bring about a big difference in your hunt for possible words.

The Shuffle Button

When you're unable to find more words, feel free to use the shuffle button. It costs nothing, and can switch all or multiple letters around in such a way that you might see new words.

Trying Random Letter Combinations

Feel try to try random letter combinations to find bonus words, because there's no penalty for making incorrect words.

The Letter S

"S" is your friend. If you have an S on the wheel, you can essentially make a plural of any other word — and plurals count as separate words altogether. This is even better when there are two of them.

Wordscapes Cheats

If you're absolutely stuck on a certain puzzle and just want to move on to the next one without overworking your brain, you can use our word finder tool as a Wordscapes cheat tool.

How to Use Word Finder As a Wordscapes Cheat

All you need to do is enter the letters from your current level into the search bar of the Wordscapes solver, and you'll find all the Wordscapes answers you need including the longest word and all bonus words.

What Sets Wordscapes Apart From Other Games?

Unlike more competitive, cutthroat titles, Wordscapes is much more relaxed, simple, and forgiving.

Rather than beat their opponents or achieve some sort of high score, people play Wordscapes to improve problem-solving abilities and just destress with a game without the high pressure situations most games bring about.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have more questions about the game, this is the section for you.

Are There Really Endless Levels in Wordscapes?

Wordscapes really does get so many levels during regular updates that you'll never run out of them!

How Many Master Levels Are There?

Wordscapes began with 6,000 of them, but now that number is well into the hundreds of thousands, with new ones being added all the time.

What is the Last Group of Levels on Wordscapes called?

While the masters are endless, the last group of normal levels before those are reached is called Sublime.

Do All the Answers Have to be Real Words?

Yes, all Wordscapes answers have to be a real word.

Is it Possible to Change My Name on Wordscapes?

Absolutely! All you have to do is tap the circle icon in the lower left corner of the home screen and proceed to the circle next to your name at the top. Once you are on your profile, set your name and confirm the changes.

Is There Any Way to Skip Levels on Wordscapes?

Nope! You can take all the help you like to solve them, but you can't skip past levels in this game.

Does Brilliance Score Matter?

Not in a tangible way, anyway. It's pretty much just something to brag about.

Can You Learn New Words on Wordscapes?

Whether you're a native speaker or a newbie to English, once you start playing the game, you're bound to learn a new word or two at some point.

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