7 Letter Words

When starting a word game or word puzzle, you’ll most likely be looking to play a 7-letter word. First of all, you want to clear off your entire rack, and second, you want the "Bingo" bonus points to put you leagues ahead of your friends or opponents.

If you’re playing Scrabble, that’ll mean 50 extra points, and if you’re playing Words With Friends, you’ll be getting 35 bonus points. However, finding words with seven letters can be quite a challenge. That’s where seven-letter word lists come into play.

7 Letter Words

Guide to Finding 7-Letter Words

Word Finder is a free tool used to find words and answers to word puzzles and word games like Scrabble. It comes with built-in word lists based on the English language dictionary, Scrabble UK dictionary, Scrabble US dictionary, and WWF dictionary.

If you get a really good combination of consonants and vowels, you’ll have room to unleash all the high-scoring 2-letter and 3-letter Scrabble words in your arsenal. But even when your game plan is to score bonus points using short words, finding a 7-letter word is still often the stronger move.

Instead of wasting time and giving your opponent time to land a move that might be your very undoing, you can take advantage of word lists to increase your chances of winning.

Also, when solving word puzzles like 4 Pics 1 Word or popular Jumble games like Word Cookies and Wordscapes, seven-letter words can really save the day.

Whether you’re keen on a particular combination of letters or looking for words that start with a particular letter, say the letter "E," a word solver is your trusted companion for word games and word puzzles.

Popular 7-Letter Words

As you know, it’s very possible to forget words that you know during the heat of gameplay. That’s why we have curated this easy-to-remember list of common seven-letter words. We’re all for using a 7-letter word finding tool when the need arises, but it’ll also help to know some of these everyday words by heart. Each word's point value in Scrabble is shown in parentheses after the word.

FRANKLY (17), it doesn’t matter if you’re PLAYING (13) MAHJONG (20) or SITTING (8) over a plate of LASAGNA (8); you’ll be in for a JOYRIDE (18) when you play high scoring PIZZAZZ (45) words that completely ASPHYXY (25) your opponent on the board. 

You’ll definitely remember words like COUNTRY (12), PICTURE (11), THROUGH (14), ICEBERG (12), LABELED (10), JEWELRY (20), MAILBOX (18), WHACKOS (19), and maybe even Shakespeare’s SHYLOCK (19). Apart from being worth a thousand words, PICTURE (11) provides a solid structure for building new words in the other dimension due to its combination of consonants and vowels. On the other hand, COUNTRY (12) is a nice word for players BECAUSE (11) it can be derived from either COUNT or TRY.

How to Find 7-Letter Words

If you're playing word games, like Scrabble, with your friends and the popular 7-letter words in your vocabulary are unavailable in your letter tiles, you may want to take advantage of our word finder. It will help you find the seven-letter words that can be formed from any letter combination, whether you need a word that starts with a vowel or consonant.

To discover even more words with seven letters, use the advanced search button on Word Finder to include filters like the first letter, the last letter, a wildcard, or any other combination of letters.

How to Build 7-Letter Words

You can easily create 7-letter words by altering the tense of a word that’s already in your rack or sometimes simply by pluralizing it. This hack works especially well for nouns and verbs. It can be applied to three-, four-, five-, and six-letter words.

Converting 3-Letter Words into 7-Letter Words

Monosyllabic 3-letter verbs in the present tense that have a vowel sandwiched between two consonants can be easily converted into 7 letter words by doubling the last consonant and adding "-ING" to make it up to seven letters.

Here are some examples of words with seven letters that you can form this way, as well as the Scrabble points they earn: JOGGING (17), JUGGING (17), SITTING (10), JIBBING (19), JIGGING (17), JOBBING (19), ZIPPING (21), ZAPPING (21), JABBING (19), YAKKING (19), ZAGGING (19), KIPPING (16), HOPPING (15), JARRING (15), HUMMING (15), WAPPING (15), YAPPING (15), BAMMING (14), BOBBING (14), CUBBING (14), CUPPING (14), MOBBING (14), DUBBING (13), and GUMMING (13).

Converting 4-Letter Words into 7-Letter Words

Another practical hack for forming 7-letter words is to convert a 4-letter present tense verb into its present continuous form by adding "-ING."

Some seven-letter words you can make and the Scrabble points they earn include ZIZZING (35), JAZZING (33), FUZZING (29), COZYING (22), JACKING (22), HACKING (22), FAFFING (17), HUFFING (17), GIMPING (13), HARPING (13), PITYING (13), CURBING (12), JERKING (19), JUMPING (19), HAWKING (18), BACKING (16), and BABYING (15).

Converting 5-Letter Words into 7-Letter Words

To form 7-letter words from 5-letter verbs, simply change the present tense to the past tense by adding "-ED."

Our Scrabble word list includes all the common words you can make this way, like WHIZZED (32), QUIZZED (35), FRIZZED (29), WHEEZED (23), QUIRKED (21), QUACKED (23), AFFIXED (21), EPOXYED (20), WHACKED (20), CHECKED (19), DEWAXED (19), UNFIXED (18), CHALKED (17), EJECTED (17), QUEERED (17), SHOCKED (17), SPELLED (13), UNBOXED (16), and SKUNKED (16).

Converting 6-Letter Words into 7-Letter Words

If you have a 6-letter noun, you can convert it to a 7-letter word by adding "S." If it’s a verb in the present tense, you can add an "S" to get the singular form of the verb.

Some examples of seven-letter words that can be made this way are PUZZLES (27), SIZZLES (25), HIJACKS (23), ZIGZAGS (27), ENZYMES (21), WHACKOS (19), DAZZLES (26), ECZEMAS (20), ZIZZLES (34), JAZZERS (32), FIZZERS (28), BUZZERS (27), JIMJAMS (25), JOCKEYS (23), INJECTS (16), LACKEYS (16), MIDWAYS (16), and TORQUES (16).

Commonly Asked Questions

What are 7-letter words that start with C?

Here are some high-scoring 7-letter words that start with the letter "C."

CHAZZEN (30), CHAZZAN (30), CYCLIZE (23), CALLING (15), COZYING (22), CLIQUES (18), COCKISH (18), CAKEBOX (22), CAZIQUE (27), COWFISH (18), and CARJACK (22).

Whenever you need to play a 7-letter word that begins with the letter "C," simply go to the website and use the word generator. Click on the advanced search option and type "C" into the box labeled "START WITH." Then click search to see all the possible 7-letter words that start with "C." 

What are 7-letter words that start with S?

Below are several high-scoring 7-letter words that start with the letter "S."

SCUZZES (27), SKYJACK (27), SPAZZES (27), SIZZLED (26), SIZZLER (27), SQUIFFY (25), SPELLED (10), SHMOOZY (24), and SQUACKS (23).

Make use of Word Finder's advanced search option for a comprehensive list of all the playable 7-letter words that start with an "S."

What are 7-letter words that start with A?

Check out these high-scoring 7-letter words that start with the letter "A."

ASPHYXY (27), AZOTIZE (25), AFFIXED (21), AZIMUTH (21), AQUIFER (19), AMAZING (19), APERTYX (19), AFFABLY (18), ACQUIRE (18), ANALYZE (19), AUSTERE (7), AROUSAL (7), AGAINST (8), ACIDITY (13), and ATOMIZE (18).

Make sure to use our Word Finder tool if you need a bigger list of words that start with "A."

What are 7-letter words that start with E?

Here's a list of high-scoring 7-letter words that start with the letter "E."

ENZYMIC (23), EQUINOX (23), ENZYMES (21), EQUABLY (21), EXHUMED (20), ETHOXYL (20), EXOGAMY (20), ENQUIRY (19), EXCEPTS (18), EXACTLY (19), EFFECTS (15), EMBASSY (14), ETHICAL (12), and EMPIRES (11).

For a more comprehensive word list, make use of the advanced search option to see all the playable 7-letter words that start with an "E."

How many seven-letter words can be created?

There are 35,000+ seven-letter words in our word dictionary that are valid for popular word games like Words With Friends, Word Wars, and Scrabble.


To find the right word to play on your next turn, simply enter your letter combination into our Word Finder and select the game you're playing. Then click the search button to see all your legal options. You may be able to play a seven-letter word, but you may also find words of another length that earn you even more points.

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