10 Letter Words

10 Letter Words

10 Letter Words

Unlike some other languages such as Welsh or Finnish, English is a language that mostly relies on smaller words. That being said, there are some considerable long ones in regular use, such as 10 letter words.

While a 10 letter word might be in common circulation in everyday speech, the frequency of its appearance may change depending on the context.

Ten Letter Words in Word Games

These fall in a bit of a strange zone when it comes to word games. They are not very common in most popular word game titles — such as Words With Friends, Scrabble, or Wordfeud — and they are non-existent in games like Word Cookies or Wordscapes.

However, it's essential to know them in the off-chance that an opportunity for one comes up. Additionally, words of this length are extremely important for crossword puzzles, anagrams, word hunts, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the web's most searched questions about 10 letter words along with their answers.

How Many 10 Letter Words Are There?

According to many sources on Google, there are over 35,000 ten letter words in the English language. However, when it comes to games involving words, that number can vary considerably. For instance, games such as Scrabble, which uses the Scrabble UK or US dictionary, do not allow proper nouns and a variety of other words such as certain portmanteaus. Therefore, the effective number of 10 letter options is much lower for such games.

On the other hand, other popular favorite word games such as crossword puzzles and word hunts usually have all of those words allowed, so keeping a bunch of them in your vocabulary is always a good idea.

What Are Some Common 10 Letter Words?

The most popular English words with 10 letters can vary somewhat depending on which part of the world you're in, but across the globe, they are friendship, everything, strawberry, appreciate, and motivation. Most of them have pretty universal contexts, and even strawberry should not come as a surprise as it is a really, really popular flavor!

That being said, the most popular 10 letter words in word games is much harder to gauge as they are so rare to begin with. Whatever they are, the aforementioned words have a strong chance of being on that list because they can all essentially be made in just two turns of Scrabble!

How Do I Make a Ten Letter Word in Scrabble?

Making a 10 letter word in Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Wordfeud can be quite the challenge due to the way the games were designed. As a general rule, the difficulty of making a word goes up exponentially with word length. It's hard enough to find words with all 7 letters on your rack for a Bingo, let alone find 3 more letters sitting pretty by themselves to form you a nice, juicy 10-tile ensemble. Plus, even if it's possible, chances are there just won't be enough space.

Moreover, many longer words have repeating letters, and when those letters are some of the more rare ones in the game, it can be outright impossible to make certain ones — at least without a blank tile. This is especially true of the letter "Z," of which there is only one tile in most board games, but which is present more than once in many words of such length.

That's not to completely discourage any would-be heroes of such long words, though. It is entirely possible to form 10 letter words in such games. One good way of doing so is to remember certain prefixes and suffixes that are, by themselves, common words to in the game. These include "PRE," "RED," and "TED." For example, you can play "JUDGING" after "PRE" to make "PREJUDGING," or "SQUANDE" before "RED" to make "SQUANDERED."

Are Ten Letter Words Good for Words With Friends?

If you want to become a great player and make plays that newbies only dream of, it would be helpful to have 10 letter words as a part of your repertoire. They are tantamount to poetry in the context of such games, and they are worth a ton of points — especially if you can utilize the odd Double or Triple Word Scores.

What Are Some High-Scoring 10 Letter Words in Scrabble?

The highest scoring valid words are with 10 letters are:

  • ZYGOMORPHY - 33 points
  • EXCHEQUERS - 31 points
  • EXOENZYMES - 31 points
  • HIGHJACKED - 31 points
  • MAXIMIZING - 31 points

There are many other words possible for certain dictionaries of certain games, and their legitimacy is determined by their respective trademark owners.

How Do I Learn More Ten Letter Words?

While there are many different informative websites that dig into the science of words, it's much easier to use a word finder site that does all that and more. Such a tool will save you the trouble of sifting through page after page of links, definitions, and comments. Instead, just enter any combination of 10 letters into the fully customizable search bar and watch as you are presented with an entire word list of 10 letter gems.

Moreover, you can also get different word lists for different dictionaries, account for blanks, and start or end with any combination of letters. You can absolutely solve all your word problems with such a tool and have a lot of fun while you're at it. On top of all that, this service is absolutely free!

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