6028 Words that Start with U

This page lists words that begin with U, along with their point values in popular word games like Words With Friends and Scrabble. The longest and best-scoring words starting with U are listed first. Select your game and click a word to make sure it’s legal to play. After looking at words beginning with U, you may want to check out words that end in U or words containing U.

If you’re playing NYTimes’ Wordle, try our Wordle solver. To up your Wordle game, read about the best starting words for Wordle.

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Words that Start with U

The last vowel and the twenty-first letter of the English alphabet, “U,” is found in numerous English words. It originated from the Semitic letter or sign “waw” and looked similar to the letter Y around the year 1000 BCE. The Greeks generated two letters from “waw,” one appearing as “W” and the other as Y (Upsilon), and over the millennia, the latter morphed into the modern English U. 
Adding more words to your vocabulary is always rewarding as you keep expanding your knowledge. Words that start with the letter U are important entities in the word list in your head as they are quite few in number, and rare to see. You may find it handy to know words starting with U to gain leverage in word games. 

Words That Start With U in Word Games 

There are many types of word games available on the internet. Some games put you up against other players, while others are simpler games like crossword puzzles or Wordscapes. In these fun puzzle games, individual letters do not hold any significance, as their placements are predetermined. Moreover, words don’t require much memorization.

However, for games that let you compete with other players, it takes skills and precise memory to prove yourself. In tile-based games like Scrabble, Words with friends, and Wordfeud, some letters are more valuable than others. As U words are pretty situational, knowing words that start with U is extra important as efficient letter placement will lead you to scoring higher points. 

Different Lengths of Words Starting with U

There are thousands of words in the English lexicon, and thousands of words that start with the letter U. If you’re proficient in the English language, you may already know a lot of common words from day-to-day speaking, listening, reading, and writing. 

The factor that gives you the edge in these competitive word games is knowing uncommon words that you must look into the dictionary to find. As you commonly find 4-8 letter words in these word games, knowing more such words can be an ace up your sleeve. To help you out, we are giving you a list of words of these lengths that start with U and are moderately rare: 

4 Letter Words That Start With U

  • ULUS
  • UMPS
  • UMBO
  • UPAS
  • UKES

5 Letter Words That Start With U


6 Letter Words That Start With U


7 Letter Words That Start With U


8 Letter Words That Start With U


Frequently Asked Questions

This section discusses some of the most-searched queries on the internet about words that start with U. 

What Are the Most Typically Used Words That Start With U?

English is a language spoken globally. It’s a given that people around the world know varying levels of English. As a result, the vast majority of people know some words that start with U, making those words commonly spoken, even by preschool kids. Some of these words are up, umbrella, uncle, unite, umpire, etc. 

While these are commonly used words worldwide, different regions can have other words that are more prevalent in their local dialect or lexicon. 

Will I Be Better at Word Games if I Learn Words That Start With U?

Your vocabulary plays a significant role in giving you an advantage over your opponent in competitive word games. You can’t simply rely on some specific words and think you’ll be able to win. You must broaden your vocabulary extensively, and find words that start with each letter of the alphabet. Words that start with the letter U are no different.

What Are Some Scrabble Bingo Words That Start With U?

In competitive word games, you get a bonus called a Bingo if you can engage all seven tiles at once. Therefore, if you thoroughly explore seven-letter words, you have a better chance of scoring a Bingo. 

Words With Friends by Zynga, Scrabble by Hasbro Inc, and Wordfeud give you 35, 50, and 40 points for a Bingo — in that order. 

Here are some examples of common 7-letter Bingos that start with U:


How To Learn More Words That Start With U?

People often use their dictionaries to learn new words to improve their vocabulary, but it’s an inconsistent and ineffective way to learn words as it is a cumbersome, tiresome, and time-consuming process. 

As mentioned earlier, you can start using a word finder tool to find the words that start with U or any other letter, and even customize the search to find different lengths of those words. The customization options don’t end there — you can also find words that contain specific letters and add start and end letters, making the process easy and convenient. 

If you want to know if a word you came across is legit, you can always use the dictionary option to verify it. You can also sort the words by points value or alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure. 

These tools do not require you to sign up or add any payment method, which means you can use them to your heart's content. Word finder tools are also available as apps, which make it possible for you to access them on the go.

Should I Use a Word Finder to Improve My Skills at Word Games?

Word finder tools are incredibly convenient for finding the exact words you need, which makes it great as a learning tool. For example, if you have made a word and want to know the alternatives you could have resorted to instead with your rack of letters, you could use a word finder tool to find and learn them. 

If you have a tournament ahead and don’t feel motivated to practice by yourself, you could also ask your playing partners to use such a tool to increase their competitive level. This essentially puts you up against a computer, giving you a much harder test than most humans would be able to offer. 


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