12 Letter Words

12 Letter Words

12 Letter Words

There are a plethora of 12 letter words that we use every day, but we don't often actually notice how many letters they have while saying them. Words of this length are a staple of our everyday speech without us paying much heed to their presence.

There is, however, one set of circumstances that forces us to focus on the length of such words, and that is while playing word games.

12 Letter Words in Word Games

For a wide variety of such games, the length of the word matters greatly, with massive points or the completion of the game at stake. Many popular titles — such as Wordle or Word Cookies — don't have anything to do with such long words, but in others, they can be a stylish, skillful way to win.

Apart from classic crosswords, there are a number of games or puzzles where 12 letter words are important. With respect to the respective trademark owners of those titles, though, games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Boggle, and Wordfeud are the kings when it comes to creating these behemoths.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have an inquisitive nature and want your questions about words with 12 letters answered, this is the right place.

How Many 12 Letter Words Are There?

According to where you look, there are between 6,000 and just over 20,000 12 letter words. Of course, this greatly depends on what region the dictionary you're checking is from. When it comes to the number of 12 letter words that are legal for board games like Scrabble and Words With Friends, however, that number dwindles to the lower end of the estimate.

This is because such games do not allow any proper nouns and also omit certain slurs. Moreover, when it comes to words of such length, many of them will be impossible to make in a normal game despite their legal status due to a shortage of the tiles required to make them.

What Are Some Common 12 Letter Words?

Some of the most common 12 letter words across the world are professional, appreciation, intelligence, relationship, and expectations. However, this can change depending on what region of the world you're considering.

Can You Make 12 Letter Words in Scrabble?

It might seem outlandish, and is definitely extremely difficult to pull off, but you can indeed make such a word in Scrabble. Just not in one turn.

What 12 Letter Words Are Possible In Scrabble?

Just about any 12 letter word that can be found in a dictionary minus proper nouns can be made in Scrabble, but remember that the game has two separate dictionaries for its legal words — one for the Americas and one for the rest of the world, give or take.

This means that depending on which side of the Atlantic you're on, some 12 letter words might have different spellings, while others may not be available to you at all. For example, the word "schizophytes" is only available to those following the Scrabble UK dictionary, or SOWPODS.

How Do I Make More 12 Letter Words in Words With Friends?

As tough as it is to actually find the space and the tiles for one, 12 letter words aren't as impossible to formulate as they may initially seem to be. You just need to find words that essentially have other words in them. Here are some examples:

If there's a "RELATION" on the board, you can simply add a "SHIP" to make RELATIONSHIP

If your opponent has made "INTEL," you can turn it into "INTELLIGENCE" while also scoring a bingo

Similarly, you can add "IONAL" to a preexisting "PROFESS"

What 12 Letter Words Are Worth the Most Points in Scrabble?

This depends greatly on not just the words in the Scrabble dictionary, but also which ones you can actually play to get the most points. Pay attention, because you need all the words below in your vocabulary for Scrabble!

  • HYDROXIZINES - 38 points
  • KATZENJAMMER - 36 points
  • ZYGAPOPHYSES - 35 points
  • BLACKJACKING - 34 points
  • PHOTOOXIDIZE - 34 points

How Can I Learn More 12 Letter Words?

The most basic way to learn more 12 letter words is to go on Google, browse through links to websites, choose a site, read the information available and try to learn something, hoping that the text content you're reading is well-updated.

Alternatively you can use a word finder tool. Available online and as an app, all you need to do with these is to go to the page, input your letters, provide any further instructions in the advanced options, and click to start the search. You will have the word lists for everything your letters can make in no time, along with definitions for the words alongside the results. Your favorite word game will be easier and more fun — and for free.

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