6103 Words that Start with L

This page lists words that begin with L, along with their point values in popular word games like Words With Friends and Scrabble. The longest and best-scoring words starting with L are listed first. Select your game and click a word to make sure it’s legal to play. After looking at words beginning with L, you may want to check out words that end in L or words containing L.

If you’re playing NYTimes’ Wordle, try our Wordle solver. To up your Wordle game, read about the best starting words for Wordle.

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Words That Start With L

The letter L comes twelfth in the hierarchy of the modern English alphabet. The earliest ancestors of the letter originated from the Greeks. Since then, the letter has experienced quite the evolution, and gone on to cement its place as a consonant in the English alphabet. 

Words that start with L could be just what you need to get a leg up in word games. When it comes to playing tile based games, you can make plenty of high scoring words that start with L. Thus, it's essential that you expand your knowledge of L words.

Words That Start With L in Word Games

Word puzzles such as Wordle and games such as Wordscapes value every letter equally, and as a result, the letter L is no more important than any other in the context of those games.

However, word tile games like Scrabble by Hasbro Inc and Zynga's Words With Friends require precise letter placement. The goal of these games is to get more points than your opponent. Points are earned by placing words on the game board. Because each and every letter has a different point value that can vary based on its position on the board, it is important to know all kinds of words. This is why words that start with L are of such significance in these games.

Different Lengths of Words That Start With L

The shortest word in the official Scrabble dictionary is "lo," which has only two letters, while “lymphadenopathy” is one of the longest L words possible in the game at 15 letters in length. The longer your word is, the more points it can potentially be worth.

That being said, the game commonly sees word lengths ranging from 4 to 8 letters in length. For the sake of your improvement, let's go through some relatively rare words that start with L that you can add to the word list in your head.

4 Letter Words That Start With L

  • LIME
  • LONE
  • LOOT 
  • LORE 
  • LURK 

5 Letter Words That Start With L

  • LEDGE 
  • LIBEL 
  • LUNAR 
  • LINEN 
  • LOTUS 

6 Letter Words That Start With L


7 Letter Words That Start With L


8 Letter Words That Start With L


Frequently Asked Questions 

Let's answer some of your common questions regarding words that start with L.

What Are the Most Common Words That Start With L?

Because English is a universally spoken language, chances are that you have heard of these words more than once. Different regions, however, have their own native expressions and dialects, and as a result, common words in one region may not have the same frequency of use in another.

Some of the most common words that begin with the letter L in the English language are low, love, list, lie, and lock.

Can Learning Words That Start With L Make Me Better at Word Games?

An advanced vocabulary is crucial to mastering these games. Knowing more words instantly gives you an upper hand over your opponent. Thus, it's important that you learn as many words that start with L. 

You can make your learning process even more interesting by looking into various categories of words. These could include historical words, positive words, science fiction words, and so on. 

What Are Some Scrabble Bingos Starting With L?

The feeling you get when you play all 7 of your tiles in a single game is utter happiness. On one hand, you’ve just pulled off a master stroke in the game, while on the other, you just earned a boatload of juicy points! This move is known as a Bingo in just about any game involving word tiles.

Let's go through some examples of common 7-letter Bingos that start with 'L'.


How Do I Learn More Words With L?

There are numerous ways to broaden your vocabulary horizons. Reading, listening, writing, watching videos, and conversing are some of the most universal practices.

With modern technology, however, things go up a notch. With a simple Google search, you can now learn a vast number of words in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is enter your query about "words that start with L" and click the search button, and there you’ll have it.

However, by far the most specialized and effective means of searching for words is a word finder tool. These provide you with a large selection of words to learn from as well as options to fine tune and customize this list by length, points value, and much more.

Suppose you want to look for words that start with L, you can choose the start letter option. Additionally, you can also personalize your results according to the end letter, letters in between, and even the choice of dictionary to see results from. Whether you're in England or the US or anywhere else in the world, you can access both the UK and US dictionary editions, along with a separate dictionary for Words With Friends.

How Can a Word Finder Help Me Improve at Word Games?

When playing such games, the common struggle most players face is while making a valid letter combination out of the given tiles. Word finder can be your friend by helping you look for the most lucrative combinations.

Since you have the liberty to customize your results according to your needs, your chances of winning gets even higher, especially when you're left with challenging hands such as all vowels or all consonants. These tools can be a lifesaver under such circumstances.

Furthermore, you can also train for tournaments by playing against the machine itself, or by learning what words you could have made with your rack of tiles after making your move. 

Moreover, these tools are also available as apps so you can use them anywhere, and best of all, such a powerful instrument is completely free to use — it doesn’t even require you to sign up. 

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