11 Letter Words

11 Letter Words

11 Letter Words

We may not think about them often, but 11 letter words actually make up a big chunk of our lexicon. In fact, there are thousands of them in the English language, although we probably use just a few hundred at best.

Eleven letters might sound like a huge word, but when the word rolls off your tongue, you don't really notice much. However, when it comes to certain word games, you will definitely notice them if they get made — whether you're the one making them or not.

11 Letter Words in Word Games

Words of such length are usually a non-factor in more casual games such as Word Cookies or Wordscapes, but when it comes to more serious games like Scrabble, Wordfeud, or Words With Friends, a word like this can literally change the course of a game.

In fact, it's not just about word games, either. Knowing 11 letter words comes in handy when you're solving word puzzles, anagrams, or crossword puzzles.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you wish to learn more about and more of 11 letter words, go through the following section for answers to the internet's most-asked questions about eleven letter words.

How Many 11 Letter Words Are There?

The exact number of 11 letter words out there is a matter of heavy debate, with numbers ranging from 8,700+ to well over 27,000. This is because word collections in dictionaries are determined by their respective trademark owners, who can be based in many different countries.

Words can be legal or illegal in different parts of the world, with dialects and regional slangs affecting the number of dictionary entries. Plus, spellings of the same words can vary based on where you are writing it, which can greatly affect word length. For example, the word "favorite' has eight letters in the US, while the UK spelling "favourite" has nine.

Additionally, games like Scrabble and Words With Friends do not allow proper nouns such as country, person, or character names. It's not just that, either. Following recent changes, certain slangs and slurs, and a number of other words have also been stricken out of many word game dictionaries, which are updated with additions and omissions regularly.

What Are Some Common 11 Letter Words?

The most commonly used 11 letter words vary from region to region. However, the most common words with 11 letters across the world, according to the internet, are information, copyrighted, researching, professions, and development. All of these are commonly used in the business world as well as in other fields.

Some other such words are advertising, alternative, destination, celebration, and intelligent.

Can You Make 11 Letter Words in Words With Friends?

Absolutely! They might be rare and very difficult to make simply due to the logistics, but it's certainly possible.

Do You Need to Know 11 Letter Words for Scrabble?

Just because they are rare doesn't mean they aren't important. Knowing 11 letter words can be like an ace up your sleeve with the power to land you a win. If you're into making long, top scoring words in your Scrabble games, eleven letter words are a must-have for the word list in your brain.

What 11 Letter Words Are Possible In Scrabble?

Any 11 letter words that are in the word lists of Scrabble UK or Scrabble US dictionaries, otherwise known as Scrabble words, are legitimate. However, in a normal game of Scrabble with default tiles and rules, certain words would not be possible to make due to tile limitations.

For example, the word "razzamatazz," which is present in both Scrabble and Words With Friends dictionaries, is impossible to make as there's only one "Z" tile and two blanks in the game, which combinedly fall one "Z" short of the number of Zs required.

How Do I Make More 11 Letter Words in Scrabble?

Since it is impossible to make 11 letter words with just one rackful of 7 tiles, you must find words with 11 letters that essentially have other words inside them. Here are some examples of these:

If someone makes "COPY," you can add "RIGHTED" to make "COPYRIGHTED"

If there's a "FORGIVE" on the board, you can simply add "NESS" to get "FORGIVENESS"

Add "IMAGI" to a preexisting "NATION" to get "IMAGINATION"

Let the existing half-word be the inspiration and crush your opponent.

What 11 Letter Words Are Worth the Most Points in Scrabble?

In order to answer this, we only included words that can realistically be made to amount to those scores in Scrabble.

  • JABBERWOCKY - 34 points
  • BLACKJACKED - 33 points
  • EXCHEQUERED - 33 points
  • ZYGOMORPHIC - 33 points
  • HAPHAZARDLY - 32 points

How Can I Learn More 11 Letter Words?

There are many ways to learn such words, but while most involve poring over page after page whatever random websites you get from Google search results, that time is much better spent on a word finder site.

With this tool, you will not only be able to find 11 letter words easily, but also their definitions, legality in each word game dictionary, and more!

Additionally, you will be able to solve any puzzles or riddles, involving words. You can filter and sort search results by letters, point value, etc, and generally have lots of fun as you browse around the pages of the site. All this for absolutely free!

Is a Word Finder Good For Learning 11 Letter Words?

Word Finder isn't just a good way to find such words, it's the best way. You'll have everything you need at your fingertips without even breaking a sweat!

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