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Word games are a great way to have fun while also sharpening your mind - especially since you can have great bonding experiences while playing them with friends or family. 

However, it's no fun when you're stuck for hours on the same group of scrambled letters or the same word puzzle clue. No matter how long you've been playing or how skilled you are, we all have such moments of frustration. This is where a word finder or word unscrambler tool can do wonders for you. 

Word Unscrambler Tools Explained

A word unscrambler is a tool specifically created to help with just about any popular word game, including Scrabble, Words With Friends, crossword puzzles, word puzzles, and various word scramble games. Such an unscrambler can quickly find all possible valid words based on any letter combination. 

 With a word solver tool, you can find both new word ideas and the highest-scoring words using your current collection of random letters. 

Using a Word Unscrambler Tool

A word unscrambler tool requires you to enter the letters you have at your disposal into the search bar. The number of letters these engines allow usually goes up to a maximum of 15, which is the number of spaces each dimension of the Scrabble board has - harkening back to the tool's origins as a Scrabble word finder. 

You can also configure the search to add first and last letters as well as other letters that the word must contain. Once you have done so, a single click will show you a list of unscrambled words that include all your letters. 

Not only will this give you a better idea of all the possible words you can make, but it can also reveal even more possible word combinations, ridding you of any frustration while playing word games. Using such a tool also has a bunch of other benefits, which I will get to in a bit. 

The Two Kinds of Unscrambling 

Although it may seem like unscrambling letters and unscrambling words are one and the same, there's a subtle difference between the two. 

Unscrambling Letters

You can unscramble letters by taking a random bunch of them and finding all the words possible within the permutations of those letters. This is essentially the objective of games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Boggle, and other word games where you need to find words from letter combinations. 

Even with our pattern-recognizing minds, it is entirely possible to overlook even obvious short words that you are well-acquainted with. Recognizing patterns becomes even more difficult when you play board games with blank tiles and other aspects that you need to factor in. 

However, a tool like Word Finder provides you with an easy way to unscramble letters, allowing you to get an entire word list for your letters within seconds. The icing on the cake is that this list includes the top word or words you can make in terms of points for your word game.

Unscrambling Words 

To unscramble jumbled words is to figure out what a word is from its letters, where those letters are placed out of order. 

This might seem easy at first glance, but English is a complex, unscientific language. That is to say, it has many exceptions to its rules - and indeed exceptions to those exceptions - that make it one of the more difficult languages to master. 

Things like silent letters, letters that sound different from their base pronunciation, and words that come into the English language from other languages can often throw off even experts. How many people who don't speak English at a native level would intuitively put a P at the start of "psychology"?

When trying to unscramble long words (that is, anything longer than 7 letters), you will almost always be faster with a word unscrambler - especially when playing with anagrams or other word scramble games.

5 Tips and Tricks for Unscrambling

While Word Finder will do a fantastic job of solving word jumbles, you won't always have it at your disposal. Another scenario could be a competitive word game where you're on your own with no access to an unscramble tool. You will find the following tips and tricks useful when you're trying to figure out in your head what you can make with your current letter tiles. 

1. Divide and Conquer

By separating consonants and vowels, you can prevent yourself from getting tunnel-vision based on an existing idea. You can often get a clearer picture of the possible words, and you might even stumble upon the best word available. 

2. Start Small

It's often advisable to start with shorter, 2-letter, or 3-letter words before moving on to bigger ones. In games like Scrabble, the word length is often trumped by the number of points available, and you can often add letters to the first valid word you find to get bigger ones. For instance, "INK" can become "SINK" and then grow to "STINK." 

3. Tinker Around

Make sure you try out different combinations of consonants with each vowel or even multiple vowels. For instance, if you're playing Scrabble and you get the letters "STAINED," you might be too focused on putting the bingo anywhere on the board. However, the highest-scoring word might be "DETAINS" on the other side of the board, or even "STRAINED" if you can find a free R. 

4. Consider the Before and After

Prefixes such as "RE" and "DE" and suffixes like "ING" and "ED" can help create better words than what you were going for. They can also help you capitalize on an existing word. 

5. Do Some Manual Labor 

It's always a good idea to physically write down every unscrambled word you can find. It's much easier to get ideas from unscrambled letters. Plus, the word lists you make might be fun to look back on to consider what could have been if you had played differently. 

Best Uses of a Word Unscrambler

Some might think that a tool used to unscramble letters is a pretty one-dimensional thing, but there are many different ways to use a word unscrambling tool that can be beneficial to you. 

In Tandem With Word Games

While word unscramblers can easily be considered a cheat tool for competitive games such as Scrabble or Words With Friends, allowing every player to use such a tool evens the odds that may form when players of unequal skill levels play together. 

Using an unscramble tool is especially useful when you play with family members who are on a different academic level or friends who do not speak English as their first language. 

For instance, a low-skilled player with "MDDIAES" may not be able to spot a word like "DIADEMS" and will likely play something simpler like "DIED" or "SIDE."

With a tool like Scrabble Word Finder, complex scrambled words are suddenly at their fingertips, and you can play with them without having to hold yourself back, or vice versa if the roles are reversed.

To Look Back After the Fact

Ever had a great word at the tip of your brain only to blank out and have to settle on less? With a word unscrambler, you can easily check the possibilities for the scrambled letters in your tray after you've already spent them, giving you good ideas for your next game while also teaching you new words. 

Sure, it may be a bit irritating to see multiple words you could have made or easy ways of getting rid of certain letters, which you didn't see on your own, but having the bigger picture will help you in the long run. 

To Check for Accuracy or Legitimacy

We have all played word games where we were not entirely sure about the spelling of a word, but we went with it anyway. This may have gone unchecked, allowing the misconception to stay in your brain until something bigger than a casual game came along and you ended up spelling the word wrong again. 

We have also all played word games where someone else came up with the wrong spelling for a word and insisted it was right, and the game was put on hold while you either argued or someone painstakingly looked up the word in a dictionary. Not fun.

When you have a word unscrambler, all you have to do is enter letters into a box and voilà , the tool will tell you if the word is present in the dictionary for that particular game. 

To Increase Your Vocabulary

One of the points of playing a word game is to sharpen your skills in the language. This is made exponentially easier and faster when you have a tool to unscramble words. 

For example, a person who has limited knowledge of English may be at a partial or even total loss when they see the letters "MRTSYHH," but a word unscrambler can teach them better. The words "SHY," "THY," and even "RHYTHMS" are all possible from that combination, allowing the player to learn those words along with their meanings.

Some Popular Unscrambling Examples 

With a solid understanding of word unscramblers, you can grasp the sheer utility of such tools. With that in mind, I present to you some examples of unscrambling that will leave you amazed. These are not exactly the most popular unscrambling examples since I went for my own little twist, but you can easily find more examples online. 

Example 1: XAPLEEM

 What at first sight seems to be a difficult hand by Scrabble standards actually has 73 words in it. That's right, from "AX" to "APEX" to "EXAMPLE," there are a plethora of possibilities hiding in plain sight. 

Example 2: DRCDLWICA

Again, what looks almost devoid of possibilities yields no fewer than 93 possible words, topped by "WILDCARD." Letters that can seem unlinked suddenly show promise when you have the right tool. 

Example 3: NLIBGUSBS

"BUS"? "SUB"? "USING"? Eh. Think "SLUBBINGS," "SUBBING," or "BLINGS" instead. If not, there are a whopping 155 more words you can make with those letters. 

Example 4: SNHFEIILS

 Okay, this one already looks more potent, but would you guess that there are a ridiculous 181 words hidden in here? That's right, "FISHLINES," "FINISHES," and "SELFISH" are just scratching the surface. 

Example 5: VEITTNEGS

It's hard to imagine the letters of the word "VIGNETTES" containing up to 256 other words when unscrambled, but it's not even close to being the most prolific word in this context. 

Example 6: DERARTES

With 325 words hidden inside, this combination of letters can go as big as "SERRATED," "TREADERS," and "ARRESTED." 

Example 7: RVTAERENS

Last but definitely not least, I don't think many people would guess that this combination of letters can give you a stunning 460 different words. From "AS" to "TAVERNERS," this combination will keep you busy making words for the foreseeable future. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Word Unscramblers

 If you have any persisting questions about using a word unscrambling tool to unscramble words, this is where you'll get your answers. 

Are Word Unscramblers Illegal?

Outside of tournaments, it is not illegal to use the word unscrambler. Although, for any competitive game, you should let your opponent know if you're going to use such a tool so they can use it too. It's the fair thing to do. 

What Games Can a Word Solver Help With?

Scrabble, Words With Friends, Boggle, crossword puzzles, word finding puzzles, anagrams, and any other word-based game can be made easier with a word solver tool. You can even use it while watching shows like Wheel of Fortune to figure out the words before the contestants do. 

Is a Word Solver the Same as a Word Unscrambler?

Whether you call it a word unscrambler, word solver, word finder, letter unscrambler, word searcher, or Scrabble cheat tool, you're talking about the same tool.

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