5 Letter Words

Five-letter words are a fundamental topic in elementary education. We use tons of common five-letter words in our everyday language. And today, we find even more uses for popular five-letter words in our favorite word games.

In this article, I'll give you strategies for working with 5-letter words. You can use these tips and tricks to up your game in Scrabble, Wordle, Words With Friends, and other word games where you should keep 5-letter words in mind.

5 Letter Words

Just like 2-letter words and 3-letter words, knowing 5-letter words improves your vocabulary and language skills. However, you may not enjoy 5-letter words so much if you're focused on making guess after guess in word games, as you're likely to get stuck. You may want to sharpen your vocabulary and search a little deeper to score good points in 5-letter word games.

It's common to consider word length in popular word games like Words With Friends and Scrabble. Short words are usually easy to play and can score decent points. Five-letter words are a bit rarer. Five-letter words frequently have a below-average score relative to the number of letters they require. However, they come in handy if you want to clear letters off your rack to make a 7-letter bingo play more feasible.

What Are the Most Common Five-Letter Words?

Some 5-letter words occur more frequently than others in Word With Friends, Scrabble, and other word games. Becoming familiar with these words will help you win points faster and may even give you an advantage when playing Wordle.

The most popular five-letter words are THERE, OTHER, and WHICH. Knowing how and when to use these words will help you clear your rack faster and will earn you a good score.

The word WHICH should be used to dispose of the letters H, W, and C for good points. Using up these letters will present you with a higher chance of getting bingo plays in your rack. However, I don't recommend using the words OTHER and THERE, as they don't give a lot of points and use up good bingo letters.

Five-Letter Words Strategy

To get the best points when playing 5-letter words, I suggest following an effective strategy.

One of the popular strategies for 5-letter words is to use the letter S to form two words: one new word is a plural of an existing word on the board, while the other new word is the made up of the letters you play in the other dimension.

You can sometimes manage to do this by arranging S on a Double or Triple bonus square. However, players often focus on scoring the most possible points, and they end up with the difficult letters in their racks. It's important to keep two nice letters in your rack after playing a five-letter word. This is much better than scoring the most points possible and then having to deal with tough letters the next turn.

For instance, if your rack contains SYNCSIT, you can easily hook SYNC onto an existing word and retain the letters SIT. Even if SYNC was hooked on a Double Word bonus tile, it wouldn't make much sense to play the second S in your rack for the extra two points. Instead, you may be able to achieve a bingo next turn by keeping the letters SIT.

SCHUL, SKUTE, and SKAIF are other 5-letter words that start with S and serve as brilliant hooks.

Five-letter words that start with C are also very important in word games. CIVVY, CHYME, and CLOZE are the only Cs in the game. These three Cs are crucial to people that play 5-letter word games as they are a three-point tile that can't be used in any two-letter word. The 3 Cs are great words to get rid of consonants in your rack.

Scrabble words starting with E could be instrumental when you're nearing the end of a Scrabble or Words With Friends game. E is one of the best letters for hooking. EH, ES, EF, EL, EN, ET, and EX create endless possibilities. Common 5-letter words starting with the letter "E" are EAGER, ESTER, EXAMS, and EFFED are very good examples. There is usually a pattern but the ability to identify and make sense of it is the real challenge.

Five-Letter Words and Wordle

Proficiency in 5-letter words could prove to be decisive when playing Words With Friends, Wordle, or any other word game.

You should be able to spell each five-letter word correctly as well as how to group these words according to peculiarities. If you ever get stuck on a 5-letter word, you can use a word finder to search for an example.

A word finder or dictionary features an up-to-date list of words. The word lists are often arranged in alphabetical. However, you may come across a frequent searches section.

Five-Letter Words FAQS

How many five-letter words exist?

The answer to this question depends on the dictionary you consult. According to Free Dictionary, there are 158,390 words with five letters. However, there are 8,996 words with five letters in Volume 6 of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary.

There is no specific but I'd always advise searching a dictionary with consistent links to Scrabble, Words with Friends, or the word game you're playing.

Which five-letter words begin with the letter C?

General examples 5-letter words that begin with see are CABAL, CELEB, CHARR, CHUNK, CLAWS, CODES, COLTS, CORKS, CRABS, CRIED, and CYSTS.

However, in a 5-letter word game, CLOZE, CIVVY, and CHYME are the relevant words with five letters. These words often prove to be crucial in a daily puzzle. You can check the dictionary for other common 5-letter words that begin with "C".

Which five-letter words begin with the letter E?

When compared with other letters, especially vowels, there are relatively fewer words that start with the letter "E". Examples of words that begin with "E" are EAGLE, EDGED, EFFED, EIGHT, EJECTS, EMITS, ENDED, EVILS, EXAMS, and EYRIR.

Which five-letter words begin with the letter S?

Five-letter words that begin with "S" include SABER, SCENT, SEEMS, SHAKE, SILLY, SKEED, SLAIN, SLOTS, SNACK, and SWIPE. S 5-letter words offer a wide range of choices, you can check more words in the Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary.


In this guide, I explained what a 5-letter words game is and how to play it. I also gave a working strategy to follow to unscramble letters to achieve the most points possible.

You can use these strategies to beat your opponents at Scrabble UK, Words With Friends, and other word games.

To win points in Word With Friends, Scrabble, or crosswords games, you have to pay more attention to bingos. However, when it comes to getting the most points in five letters, you should try to start your word with the letters "C" and "S", they are necessary to position your racks for possible bingos. As mentioned earlier, 5-letter words that start with "E" can bail you out of a tight play at the end of the game.

You may bookmark this page as this guide will be updated regularly.

I hope you've found this guide helpful. Happy unscrambling.

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