6 Letter Words

6 Letter Words

6 Letter Words

In the English language, words can vary wildly in length. However, the most common words are usually between 1 and 8 letters long. Six letter words are among the most commonly used of these, with around 23,000 six letter words present in English dictionaries around the world.

Whether it's common six letter words such as "answer" or "danger," or a rarely used six letter word like "miasma," words of this length are just about everywhere in English, and by association, in word games.

6 Letter Words in Word Games

Games that have you make words are a great pastime and a fantastic tool for new English speakers to use to expand their vocabulary.

You are bound to run into words that are six letters long when you play popular word games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Wordscapes, and word puzzles like anagrams or a crossword puzzle.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If 6 letter words daunt you when you play Words With Friends, Scrabble, or any other word games, this page will hopefully answer any and all questions you may have about 6 letter words.

What Are Some Common 6 Letter Words?

While any list of common 6 letter words would depend heavily on the region the question is being asked about, the global answer would include words like "little," "should," "please," "things," "really," "answer," and "houses."

Are Six Letter Words Good For Scrabble and Words With Friends?

Absolutely! Making a six letter word while playing these games lets you get rid of almost all your letters while giving you a whole bunch of points depending on the size and composition of the word.

In fact, if you form the right 6 letter word and place it in a good way, it could turn the tide of the game in your favor.

Just make sure you have a strategy and keep space for other words in the long run.

What 6 Letter Words are in the Scrabble Dictionary?

There are thousands of 6 letter words in both the Scrabble US and Scrabble UK dictionaries.

We can't quite list them all here, but a quick search on our tool can give you all the 6 letter words you need.

What are Some High Scoring 6 Letter Words?

The actual amount of points you gain from a word depends heavily on any bonuses you can avail of and cross-sections you can form.

However, in terms of raw points, the following valid Scrabble words can go a long way towards giving you a win:

QUARTZ - 24 points

This word is actually easier to pull off than you might think — especially in games not involving a group of players. As long as you can get your hands on the consonants "Q" and "Z," the other letters won't be difficult to come by.

KLUTZY - 22 points

This one's a lot tougher owing to the difficulty of obtaining the "K" and "Y" tiles alongside the "Z." Additionally, any word ending in 3 consonants might be difficult to dock in with others.

SKYBOX - 22 points

There's a lot going on in this word, and it's another one that's hard to dock. If you can pull it off, though, kudos to you.

QAWWAL - 21 points

This bizarre sounding word might seem outlandish at first glance, but that's because it's a word hailing from the Middle East. In case you're curious, it's what a performer of a certain kind of Islamic devotional song is called.

JINXES - 20 points

Similar in difficulty to "QUARTZ," "JINXES" is slightly easier as "E" and "I" are respectively more plentiful than "A" and "U."

How Can I Learn More Six Letter Words?

If you browse Google for a little while, you will find links to every site and app that can teach you more 6 letter words.

Alternatively, our word finder tool is also a great way to learn them.

Are There 6 Letter Words That Don't Have Vowels?

You might be surprised to know that there are plenty of 6 letter words that don't contain any vowels.

"Syzygy," "Sphynx," "rhythm," and "lymphs" are just some examples of these.

Can I Find 6 Letter Words on Word Finder?

Not only can you find every 6 letter word present in the SOWPODS dictionary and the Collins dictionary, but you can find their meanings and filter them by the letters that make them, the number of points they give, etc.

Can I Use a Word Finder While Playing Scrabble or Words With Friends?

Sure, but only if every other participant is aware and agrees to its usage. Otherwise, you run the risk of being accused of being a cheat as the tool will grant you a significant advantage.

What 6 Letter Words Require Blank Tiles?

Any word that requires more of a certain tile than there are present in the letter array of the game in question will require blank tiles to make.

The most common example of this are words requiring two "Z" tiles, such as "ZIGZAG" or "PIZZAS."

Can a 6 Letter Word be Better Than a Bingo?

For the uninitiated, a Bingo is made when a player uses all 7 of their tiles in either Scrabble or Words with Friends, which gives them 50 or 35 bonus points in those games respectively.

However, a 6 letter word, although giving no extra advantage, can sometimes be a smarter move if the stars align.

If you can create the word in a way that forms multiple linking words and uses certain bonuses in just the right way, it can give you even more points than a Bingo.

If a Bingo can take a person to a winning position, so can a solid 6 letter word.

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