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Word Solver - Make Words in No Time

Word games have been around for centuries, if not millennia. Even in this age of the internet, word games still maintain a massive, loyal fan base, with new ones taking the world by storm from time to time. They can, however, also be frustrating at times. Not to worry, though, because we are here to help.

Our word finder helps you find words for games such as crosswords, Scrabble, Words With Friends, or other similar word games. This word generator helps you make words up to a maximum possible length, which gives you plenty of choices for games that offer them, and answers for puzzles that require them. With our help, you will start playing and solving like a pro in absolutely no time.

What Is a Word Finder tool?

Most of you probably have a general idea as to how a word finder works and how it helps you win points in a word game. If you have prior knowledge regarding our engine, you'd know how it helps you unscramble letters that you have received or picked out in such a game, enabling you to make words that you might not otherwise think of. Our engine can also take an existing word and finds other possible high-scoring words that can be made using the same letters.

Our word maker takes all letters provided to it including wild card tiles such as blank tiles and presents you with every possible combination of words using those letters, with the results sorted by word length. You can even program our engine to use certain letters in certain positions. Using our tool, you would ideally win any word scramble game or solve any word puzzle.

How to Use a Word Solver

Using our word maker is fairly simple and does not require much effort. If you follow a few short steps, you should be able to use it with ease. Word maker tools have plenty of different uses, with applications in puzzle games and both offline and online word games.

Using a word solver begins with selecting which game you need assistance for. This is important since most interesting word games have different needs and even different dictionaries. Selecting the game helps our engine make a proper word search. For instance, if you chose board games like Scrabble or Words With Friends — both of which have a different word list — then the site would check the dictionary of the particular word game you picked.

Next, key in your scrambled letters and any wild cards you may have. Our website will then look for all possible words that can be made using the available letters. You could even see if a particular word is valid or not, and learn high-scoring words from our word lists.

Playing Words With Friends

Words With Friends is basically a slightly different version of Scrabble, and requires the same skills. If you're relatively new to this game and English isn't your first language, then you might face some difficulty navigating its word jumbles. As we've said before for Scrabble, our tool is for almost all English language games — you can even use it as an anagram solver.

Playing Scrabble

Our Scrabble word finder is excellent for those who are new to the popular game Scrabble. Word games such as Scrabble often require you to find words of the longest possible length, which can get quite tricky and difficult at times. This is where we come to the rescue. Our Scrabble solver will generate just the right words for your particular game, and enable you to excel with the highest scoring words for any situation.

Solving Crossword Puzzles

Are you stuck all day puzzling over some crossword clue? A word maker such as ours can help solve those tricky daily crosswords and find the missing word. All you need to do is type in the crossword clues and letters — including all the blank spaces, vowels, and consonants present —and you'll get every possible answer for that clue. Word generators are one of the best options to help you with those pesky crosswords.

As a Cheat Tool

If you use word solver websites while playing with friends, make sure you inform them and give them access to it if they it ask for it. Otherwise, this essentially becomes tantamount to cheat tools. Almost all competitions ban the usage of word finder tools as it makes the game much easier. We do not endorse or support cheating , so even if you secretly use word solvers to prank your friends, make sure you let them know afterwards.

For Practice

With a tool that can arrange your jumbled letters into every word they can make in seconds at your disposal, practicing for tournaments can now be more efficient than ever. Even though you cannot use this site during competitions, it can nevertheless help you attain better results.

It's not just for pros, either — if you're new to the game, you can still use this tool for practice and learning. For your convenience, we organize the words by length, which makes sure you find it easy to decide on a word. In time, you will notice that your skills have improved and your vocabulary is loaded with new words.

Leveling The Playing Field

If there are several players in a match with greatly varying skill levels, it would be unfair for the ones who are new. Thus to level the playing field, everyone can use a word solver, which will display results, and then onwards it's a game of their skill and strategy as to how they use the generated words with these letters. This makes sure that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Finding Words With Certain Letters

You could also use our advanced search features to make words with a certain letter or letters at your disposal. All you have to do is select the settings accordingly, and you'll have all possible answers with your letter combinations involved. For instance, if you want combinations that only start with the letter "A" and contain "R" and "G," you'll get only words pertaining to those specific parameters. You just need to make sure you're tweaking the settings right, and you'll get your answers.

Benefits That You Gain From Playing Word Games

Playing games such as Scrabble and Words With Friends brings on a lot of positive changes in one's life. First and foremost, your overall understanding of the English Language will increase, which in turn will boost your vocabulary.

As your vocabulary improves, you will also be able to come up with words quicker, and you'll notice that your English skills — spoken and written — have improved quite a bit. Furthermore, your cognitive functions will sharpen, enhancing your problem-solving skills.

Websites Vs Apps

Wordmaker apps work the same way as our site does, conducting word searches and giving you all the options using the letters that you input. However, such apps require storage space on your device as well as the ever-annoying perpetual updating process.

Our site, on the other hand, does not require you to download anything. You can easily extend your vocabulary without any of the aforementioned hassles. You can also easily take a link to our site and share it with your friends to help them out, and bookmark us for added convenience.


We hope that our site turns out to be helpful for you. Here's to hoping you use our site to your heart's content for all your word grabber purposes. Whether you're practicing before a tournament, leveling the playing field when players of different skill levels are playing, or just using it for fun, our word solver will provide a fantastic multi-utility platform for you.

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