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Words With Friends Cheat

When it comes to word games, everyone gets stuck sometimes. It’s amazing how you seem to forget all the best words in your rich vocabulary in the heat of gameplay. But getting stuck doesn’t have to put a stop to the fun. In fact, finding your way out of a bind makes the game even more exciting. That's where Word Finder comes into play!

Word Finder is the Words With Friends cheat tool you need to constantly crush the competition and increase your winning streaks on Words With Friends and other word games, like Scrabble, Scrabble Go, Wordfeud, and Word Cookies.

Just like Scrabble, Words With Friends (WWF) is a binge-worthy game that can be enjoyed with strangers and friends online. However, in order to consistently generate high-scoring words to win this word game, you may need a Words With Friends helper.

Overview of Words With Friends

Brothers Paul and David Betner created Words With Friends (alongside Chess with Friends) in 2009, and it was an instant success. Following the acquisition of their game development company, Newtoy Inc, in 2010, Words With Friends got a new family with Zynga Inc. Now with an even better user experience, the app is a very popular word game with millions of downloads and active users.

Words With Friends is favored by word addicts for its social experience, which has allowed many to forge real friendships with opponents online. Beyond that, Words With Friends has birthed a few marriages too.  The game is free to play, but you can unlock additional content through in-app purchases.

Words With Friends Gameplay

If you’re already familiar with Scrabble, you’ll find it easy to master Words With Friends since the objective of both games is basically the same. However, the Words With Friends game board layout is slightly different.

It also has a more robust dictionary that includes slangs. The point values for the letter tiles and for "bingo" are also different.

For Words With Friends, there are 104 letter tiles and 225 squares on the board. Every player gets 7 randomly chosen tiles at the beginning and takes turns forming words on the board, replenishing their letter racks after each turn.

The idea is to unscramble letters and play words vertically or horizontally on the board. The first word must cover the star in the middle of the board, and subsequent words must connect to words already formed on the board. There are also bonus tiles on the game board that enable you to gain more points.

How to Play Words With Friends (Including Game Rules)

  • Download the Words With Friends application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Choose your preferred gameplay mode. You can choose to play with robots, random opponents, or your contacts on Facebook or the app.
  • If you take the first turn, unscramble your set of letters to form the very first word horizontally or vertically, and use it to cover the star in the center of the board.
  • Replenish your rack of letters back up to 7. Then the next player takes their turn.
  • As you create additional words, the new words must share at least one letter tile with a word already on the board.
  • Letter tiles can be placed so that multiple new words are formed simultaneously with neighboring letters.
  • Words that are illegal or words that form illegal words with neighboring letters cannot be placed on the board.
  • You’ll earn points corresponding with the words you form and their placement on the board. If you use up all seven of your tiles in one turn, you’ll earn 35 bonus points.
  • If it's your turn and you aren't happy with your current set of tiles, you can skip your turn to swap out as many of your letters as you want for new ones.
  • The game continues until a player resigns or until all of the tiles are gone, at which point the player with the higher score wins.
  • The game also ends if three successive turns pass with no points scored for either player. For example, if player 1 passes, player 2 passes, and player 1 passes again, the game is over and the higher score wins.
  • After one player plays his last tile, the opposing player will lose points equal to the point value of their remaining letter tiles.

Words With Friends Letter Tile Point Values for Scoring

The word score you receive is the sum of all the point values of the letters in the word(s) you form—even if the letters were played in a previous turn. Below are the Words With Friends letter values, along with how many of each letter exists in each match.

  • Worth 1 point: E(13), A(9), I(8), O(8), T(7), R(6), and S(5)
  • Worth 2 points: D(5), W(5), L(4), and U(4)
  • Worth 3 points: H(4), G(3), and Y(2)
  • Worth 4 points: B(2), C(2), F(2), M(2), P(2), and W(2)
  • Worth 5 points: V(2) and K(1)
  • Worth 8 points: X(1)
  • Worth 10 points: J(1), Q(1), and Z(1)
  • Worth 0 points: Blank tiles (2)

Words With Friends Bonus Squares

When you play words over these bonus squares, you earn bonus points.

  • Double Word (DW or 2W): Placing a tile over this square doubles the point value of the word that uses this square
  • Triple Word (TW or 3W): Placing a tile over this square triples the point value of the word that uses this square
  • Double Letter (DL or 2L): Placing a tile over this square doubles the point value of the letter that uses this square
  • Triple Letter (TL or 3L): Placing a tile over this square triples the point value of the letter that uses this square

Words With Friends Tools — Swap, Pass, Shuffle, Resign, & More

Swap Button

When you’re finding it difficult to form new words with your current set of letter tiles, you can spend your turn to swap up to all seven of your letters for new ones. Swapping is random, so it can be rewarding, but you can also get unlucky. To swap letters, simply hit the swap button and hope for a better set.

Shuffle Button

If you want to see your rack with fresh eyes, this is the tool for you. The shuffle tool allows you to reorder your tiles so that you can see possible word combinations that you may not have seen before. Unlike the swap button, it doesn’t cost a turn. You can shuffle as many times as you want. I recommend using the shuffle button several times every turn!

Pass Button

This button allows you to give up your turn without making a move. Unless you have an ace up your sleeves, it's better to use your turn to swap tiles. Even better, use our Word Finder's Words With Friends helper to see the plethora of words hidden in your rack.

Resign Button

Resign lets you declare defeat. You may want to use it if you can't play too many new words and your opponent has a massive lead. You can also use it if you'd like to start a fresh game with the same opponent. But before resigning, you may as well use our WWF Word Finder tool to check out your options.

Chat Tool

Unlike some other online word games, Words With Friends encourages social interaction via its chat tool. The chat tool lets you exchange messages within the game, helping you get to know your opponent as you rack your brains for the best words to play.

Tile Bag

The tile bag shows the letters that have not yet been distributed and can therefore be pulled at random. When you're nearing the end of the game, you'll also want to check the tile bag to see how many tiles your opponent has left on their rack.

Words With Friends Power-Ups

Power-ups are boosters that help players increase their chances of getting a higher score. They’re limited, so to maximize the utility of power-ups, players must understand their uses and use them strategically.

Apart from getting power-ups via in-app purchases, you can earn them by completing challenges and daily bonuses.

Hindsight Power-up: The hindsight power-up is the blue booster that looks like a pair of glasses. It shows you the best word you could have played on your last turn to make more points, training you to recognize opportunities on the Words With Friends board. Alternatively, you may be able to get away with skipping your turn and using a Hindsight Power-up on your next turn when you still have the same letters—just remember your opponent can change the board between your turns.

Word Radar Power-up: This booster shows you every square on the game board where you can legally play a tile, but it doesn't specify which tile. It can help you discover new words or new locations to play words you were thinking of. It doesn’t necessarily help you find the most popular or highest-scoring word to play. Typically, Word Radar is most useful late in the game or when you have difficult letter tiles.

Tile Swap Plus Power-up: If you have this booster, you don’t have to worry about losing a turn when you need to swap the letters in your tile rack. You can spend this power-up to swap up to all seven tiles and still take your turn afterward. You can only use one Tile Swap Plus Power-up per turn, so always check what's left in the tile bag before spending this power-up.

Word Clue Power-up: This booster is similar to Word Radar. It's the purple power-up represented by a magnifying glass. It shows you a place to play a word and the tiles that form the word. The caveat is that it doesn’t necessarily highlight the highest-scoring word.

Solo Play Mode

Even though WWF is a multiplayer game, you can play alone against WordMaster bots in a timed challenge.

You can access this game mode online or offline. During gameplay, the artificial intelligence-powered bot has only two minutes to make a move. You can play up to three solo games simultaneously.

Multiplayer Mode

You can connect with a player on Facebook or in the app, or you can allow the app to match you with a random player online.

You can have lots of games in progress simultaneously. But it's best to connect with a player who is actively online and won't take too long to play their turn. So I recommend looking at each player's profile before starting a game with them. Alternatively, you can ask your friends for their usernames and play with them.

If your opponent is not actively online or is taking too long to play their turns, you may want to try Lightning Rounds or Word Rivals, which are timed game modes.

Words With Friends Tournaments

There are tons of challenges in Words With Friends, including regular tournaments. The participants are mostly players who've mastered the gameplay and their strategy.

Players are paired with others to duel in a timed match, and the winners are moved up the ladder. It takes two to three rounds to decide the winner of a match, and each round takes an average of two or three days.

To win a match, you need to win two of the three rounds. You can also win a match by winning one round and drawing the other two. The winners continue playing matches until only one player remains. The winner of the tournament gets mystery box rewards.

Getting Words With Friends Board Game Help

Now that you know the background of Words With Friends and picked up a few strategies, you should learn how to get help from a Words With Friends cheat tool.

Words With Friends can be difficult, and even experts have bad days. A WWF cheat is a life-saver, and your opponent could just as well be using a Words With Friends cheat tool to play words too.

The best option when you can’t find a word given your current set of tiles is to use a Words With Friends cheat tool like Word Finder.

Words With Friends Word Generator

With our WWF cheat tool, there’s no cause for alarm, even if you constantly get awkward tiles. You don't need to resign, pass your turn, or even swap tiles. All you have to do is to enter the letters you have into Word Finder's search bar to unearth all the words that can be formed with your letters.

Word Finder is not just a WWF cheat tool, it’s practically a Words With Friends/Scrabble companion. It doubles as a Words With Friends dictionary to verify words that you intend to play. It also helps to level the playing ground for inexperienced players going up against more experienced Words With Friends players.

To use the Word Finder WWF cheat, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Site

Go to the Word Finder website and enter the letters you have on your rack (you can represent blank tiles with a question mark). You may also include any letters already on the board that you wish to connect your new word to.

2. Run a Basic Search

Press the search button. A word list will display all possible words containing the letters you entered.

3. Run an Advanced Search

You can also use the advanced search option to specify the conditions and words you want to display. You can find words containing a certain letter or comprising a specific number of characters.

4. Sort the Search Results

By default, the word list will be organized in order of word length. But you can sort them by points to see the highest-scoring words.

Words With Friends Cheat Board

A Words With Friends cheat board helps you to improve your strategy, your chances of winning, and the overall experience. It helps you to identify valid games words and placements that will earn more points.

To use a WWF cheat board, you have to upload your current Words With Friends game board to the WWF cheat board to be analyzed. It does not show you the highest scoring words; instead, it shows you a variety of word placements on the board depending on the letter tiles you have available. 

The amazing thing about a Words With Friends cheat board is that over time, the player who consistently uses it will become a master of strategy and get better at forming words. They'll also be able to take better advantage of bonus squares without help from a WWF cheat tool.

How to Win Words With Friends

If winning is your game plan, here are a few tips to give you the advantage (playing nice won't cut it!).

Start Strong

If you have the opportunity to start the Words With Friends game, make it count. Be sure to create words that get you the most points. You can even play on a bonus square that gets you a Double Word score.

Be Strategic

It’s not always about playing the words with the most points, and it’s definitely not about having a vast vocabulary. You have to be strategic while playing your words. For instance, layering words (adding letters to already formed words) as you form new ones gives you extra points. Using plurals and blank tiles when they are guaranteed to earn you some big points is better than using them out of convenience.

Don't Create Openings for Your Opponent

Unfortunately, many Words With Friends players help their opponents beat them by playing words without studying the board. Before you play any word, always make sure that you’re not bringing your opponent closer to Double Word and Triple Word squares. You could easily hand the advantage to your opponent that way. Imagine leading your opponent to a Triple Letter or Triple Word square where they can play a high-scoring Z or Q tile—ouch!

Only Play the Best Words

Just because a word is in the Words With Friends dictionary doesn't mean it's a good word to play. Instead of playing a poor word because you can't come up with something better, try swapping your tiles, or better still, use our word cheat tool.

Use Prefixes, Suffixes, and Consonant Words

While standalone prefixes and suffixes are not allowed, you can add to existing words with them. Consonant words are also a possibility. Some, like PSST and BRR, are quite easy to remember.

Always Lead the Gameplay

To avoid creating opportunities that hurt you, learn how to lead your opponents on with a two-letter word or three-letter word while delaying your high-scoring words until you’re within range of a bonus square.

Learn Two-Letter and Three-Letter Words

Short words come in handy when you want to delay more valuable plays or when you need to get out of a word jam, such as when you have only consonants. There are about 100 two-letter and three-letter words that are not only easy to memorize but are also worth some huge points. These words often serve as "hooks," meaning they're played at the beginning or end of existing words.

Make Up Words

Unlike Scrabble, Words With Friends lets you know if the words you want to play are valid before you actually play them. So, there’s no need to worry about your opponent challenging the words you play. Instead of passing your turn, at least try making something up.

Use Our Words With Friends Cheat Tool

There are plenty of cases where there's absolutely nothing wrong with using our Words With Friends cheat tool. If you're going up against a stronger opponent, you're using the tool retrospectively, or you tell your opponent they can use the tool too, it can help level the playing field and make the game more interesting for both players.

On the other hand, you can use our Words With Friends cheat tool without telling your opponents and decimate them all. For example, if you ever felt like passing your turn or swapping tiles, you could whip out our tool and check your best move. But what's the challenge and fun in that? I recommend playing fairly whenever possible.

Start Playing Words With Friends Board Game

At this rate, you already know more about winning Words With Friends than a lot of players. You must’ve also found that it’s an exciting and addictive multiplayer word game.

All you have to do now is head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the game on your smartphone and start enjoying some friendly competitions. The Words With Friends app also runs on Windows, Nook Tablet, and Google Chromebook, among other devices.

Don't let the strength of your vocabulary discourage you. Just use a Words With Friends helper to level the playing field.

Good luck earning as many points as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cheat app for Words With Friends?

Word Finder is the best Words With Friends cheat app and word generator tool. Word Finder is not only fast, but it’s also easy to use and includes advanced search and sorting options to cover any scenario.

Word Finder doesn't only help Words With Friends players play words. It also serves as a reference tool that can help you improve your word knowledge. It can even level the playing field if you're a new player.

Can you tell if someone is cheating on Words With Friends?

No, you can't tell if someone is cheating on Words With Friends unless you physically watch them play. However, many players say that they suspect their opponents of using a Words With Friends cheat tool.

How do you play Words With Friends 2?

You can play Words With Friends 2 the same way you play Words With Friends. The rules are the same. The main difference between Words With Friends and Words With Friends 2 is that Words With Friends 2 usually gets the latest features and updates first.

How do you score big on Words With Friends?

To score big on Words With Friends, link long or high-point words together and always target bonus squares to score even more points.

What dictionary does Words With Friends use?

Words With Friends uses the Oxford English dictionary. Valid words in Words With Friends include all parts of speech (including slang and archaic expressions) with the exception of proper nouns, abbreviations, hyphenated words, prefixes, and suffixes.

To avoid the hassle, you can use our Word Finder tool, which has the full Words With Friends word list for referencing during gameplay.

How do you cheat in Words With Friends?

To cheat in Words With Friends, you can use a WWF cheat tool to find words to play.

You'll almost always win Words With Friends using the cheat tool, even compared to using other WWF resources. For example, it doesn't matter that you have a dictionary right in front of you if you don't know how to find the best words to play.

How do you win Words With Friends?

To win Words With Friends, you have to score the most points by the end of the game. To score the most points, you must play strategically and maximize opportunities on the board, such as by using bonus squares and power-ups.


Words With Friends is quite a popular word game. Players of all skill levels from all over the world compete with each other to earn points and come out on top. Our WWF Word Finder is the perfect solution for those looking to practice, gain an advantage, or change up the game with their friends. Our Words With Friends cheat tool can also be used in other word games, so be sure to check it out and give it a try!

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