13 Letter Words

13 Letter Words

13 Letter Words

When you hear the phrase "thirteen letter words," your immediate reaction might be to imagine some massive, outlandish word that would break your teeth if you tried to pronounce it.

However, 13 letter words aren't all that special, really. In fact, they are quite common, and if you are a fluent English speaker, you use them every day without even noticing. The only time you are certain to notice the length is when you're playing certain word games.

13 Letter Words in Word Games

Words of this length can be used in many different games, such as crossword puzzles, Scrabble, Words With Friends, Boggle, etc. They are quite difficult to make, but they're definitely a possibility if you have the right letters.

However, there are some games where they absolutely cannot be made as the respective trademark owners decided to design the games without keeping provision for longer words. These include Wordle, Word Cookies, and Wordscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any questions about 13 letter words on your mind, chances are we have the answers for them right here.

How Many 13 Letter Words Are There in the English dictionary?

The exact number of 13 letter words in English is hard to gauge because of how many dialects, localized expressions, and regional slangs English has. Ultimately, it depends on what English dictionary you are looking inside, with the number ranging from around 3,800 to over 14 thousand.

What Are Some Common 13 Letter Words?

Again, the answer to this depends on which part of the world you're in. Certain words are more popular in different countries and states. That being said, some of the most popular 13 letter words around the world are entertainment, communication, concentration, extraordinary, and determination.

Can You Make 13 Letter Words in Scrabble?

Although you need at least two turns to do so, you can, in fact, make a 13 letter word in Scrabble. You just have to get extremely lucky.

What 13 Letter Words Are Possible In Scrabble?

As long as the word is in the word list of the Scrabble dictionary that you are using as reference for the game, you can make it.

How Do I Make More 13 Letter Words in Words With Friends?

The first thing to do if you're looking to make bigger words is to find words that have smaller words as a part of the whole. You only have 7 letters on your rack, so you need almost half the 13 letter word to already be on the board. After that, you just have to add your input. Here are some examples:

If someone makes "ADMIN" on the board, and there's an "R" on the other end with enough space in between, you can add "ISTRATO" to complete "ADMINISTRATOR"

You make "LIGHT," your opponent turns it into "ENLIGHTEN," giving you the chance to make "ENLIGHTENMENT"

If there's a "CON" on the board, it can be turned into "CONDITION," "CONDITIONAL," and ultimately the 13 letter "UNCONDITIONAL" by one or more players

What 13 Letter Words Are Worth the Most Points in Scrabble?

The answer to this question can change depending on which dictionary you're following, as some high-scoring 13 letter words are only available to one of the two Scrabble words, with different regions spelling them differently or not using them at all. However, the following are the highest-scoring words for any version of the game's dictionary:

  • SUBJECTIVIZED - 37 points
  • HYPOPHARYNXES - 36 points
  • PHOTOOXIDIZED - 36 points
  • SQUEEZABILITY - 36 points
  • PSYCHOANALYZE - 35 points

Remember to use bonus squares to maximize the value of these words!

How Can I Learn More 13 Letter Words?

Usually, a person looking to learn words has to go on Google, search for a while to find the right websites, and then browse through pages of content to finally find the words that might help them.

All of this might sound complicated, but worry not for there is an easier way. A word finder site gives you entire word lists of every word you might need for your Scrabble games — along with their definitions. You can also fine tune the word finder to focus and filter your search results, making it unnecessary to scroll all the way down a page just to find a word.

You can also The fact that this incredible tool is absolutely free is just a cherry on top. The very way you play your favorite word game will change.

Are Word Finder Sites Good for Word Games?

Absolutely! They can solve the age old problem of having to verify words from the Scrabble dictionary, meaning you get more action for your limited playing time.

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