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Are you trying to find words or solve a word puzzle?

With a set of letters and word generator apps, the possibilities are endless. This is what makes word games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, Wordscapes, and Word Wars very interesting.

If you get a set of letter tiles like ARONEG, you can probably find ORANGE fairly quickly. But without using letter-sorting and word-solving tools, you may waste time trying to create possible words out of a more difficult set of letters.

What Is a Word Generator?

A word generator is a word maker tool that's used to find and make words from a bunch of letters. The tool also helps you learn new words, as it generates all possible words from your available letters. For instance, the combination ARONEG has words like ONAGER, GAEN, AREG, and RENGA, as well as other possible words among its vowels.

Word generators, also known as word builders, word solvers, and online word makers, are very useful for winning word games and word puzzles. But apart from those who play word games, other heavy users of the tool include creative writers and those who want to grow their vocabulary.

We created a special word solver that generates the most comprehensive word list from random letters in milliseconds. Our letter-sorting word generator organizes the results of every search by length, and every word denotes its Scrabble or Words With Friends point value. This way, you'll be able to choose the right word for your circumstances.

When Do You Need a Word Generator?

At this point, you should already have a good idea of what to do with a word generator. A word maker or anagram solver is used to solve word puzzles, and it works with games like Scrabble and Text Twist.

Here are a few ways to use a word builder tool like ours.

To Solve Anagrams

An anagram is a word that's formed by rearranging all the letters of another word, like turning ACT into CAT or turning DESSERTS into STRESSED.

As a rule, when solving an anagram, you must use all the letters in the particular word to make a new word that uses the exact same letters. This is where the challenge lies, but it's also an opportunity to use a word generator.

Even if you love anagramming, there's no need to spend all day thinking about possible answers. Just use the word anagram creator and enjoy your game with your friends.

To Build Your Vocabulary

Did you know that ONAGER is the word for a race of Asian wild donkey? It's also the only anagram for ORANGE.

Amazing how you just learned a new word so fast, yeah?

The word generator is perfect for learning new words. It gives you a good place to start and helps you bite off just as much as you can chew, little by little, word length by word length. If you're getting ready for any vocabulary-related activity, a word generator is your best buddy.

To Solve Word Games

Words With Friends, Scrabble, Text Twist, Word Maker, and other word games require unscrambling and more unscrambling. You get a bunch of random tiles and are required to form words to win points.

As a result, a word generator tool is typically used to unscramble words, functioning as a Scrabble word maker or a Words With Friends word generator.

Using word builders to play can be quite useful for children, newbies, and non-English speakers who just love the game. It is also advantageous to pro word game players who use it strategically to determine the highest-scoring words they can form on the game board.

To Form Random Words and Names

Sometimes a word maker is used to create words for practical scenarios. In those cases, you may be looking for a random word generator. Our word solver functions similarly to one.

In case you don't know, coming up with names isn't so easy—especially when you're looking for an uncommon name.

Many parents use a word maker to find special names for their babies, and business owners may also use one to find inspiration for product names.

Creative writers, on the other hand, take it up a notch by using a word maker to make unique words that inspire their writing process. They may even get character names from word builders.

How to Use a Word Generator

All word generators use the same basic principle to make words.

If you're anagramming or solving a crossword puzzle, it's pretty straightforward. Visit the website, enter the letters you have into the word maker, and run the search.

A comprehensive word list containing all the possible Scrabble words and English dictionary words will immediately be displayed.

If you're playing a complex word game or trying to find words with a specific letter combination, you'll need to add more search filters. Below is a detailed explanation of how to use the word maker tool to play a word game.

Step 1: Choose the Letter Tiles You Want to Use

If you're playing Scrabble or WWF, you'll have up to seven letters on your rack. If the game has been going for a while, especially in the case of a crossword puzzle, there will be other letters on the board that you must incorporate.

Whether it's consonants, vowels, or even blank tiles, you'll first need to decide what you need to use to make words you can add to the board.

Step 2: Run a Search on the Word Generator

Our word solver has an input box and a search button. It also has advanced search options that let you customize the search results.

This way, you get to choose whether the words displayed begin or end with a particular letter. You can also modify the search to display only words that have a particular combination of letters.

Simply enter all your chosen letters into the word cheat tool and hit search to find all possible words.

Step 3: Check Out the Search Results

The word maker quickly displays all the possible words based on the given letters. You'll also see the corresponding score for each word.

Your last step is to apply the results of the word finder strategically, depending on the situation on the game board. Make the move that gives you the greatest advantage and you'll be a high-scoring word beast!

Example: Solving Multiple Letters Using Our Online Word Maker

If you have a bunch of scrambled letters to unscramble and form new words, you can follow the steps above to enter the letters into the word builder and get the search results.

Here's an example. Let's say you want to solve the letters FSTEIEV. When you enter them into the word maker, you'll be presented with the unscrambled words below.

7-Letter Words

  • Festive

6-Letter Words

  • Evites

5-Letter Words

  • Gives
  • Evite
  • Sieve
  • Feist
  • Fetes
  • Tiefs

4-Letter Words

  • Five
  • Eves
  • Fist
  • Fets
  • Vees
  • Vest
  • Tees
  • Feet
  • Vise
  • Ties
  • And more

3-Letter Words

  • Eve
  • Sev
  • Vee
  • Vet
  • Vis
  • See
  • Set
  • Sit
  • Tee
  • Eft
  • Fee
  • And more

2-Letter Words

  • Ef
  • Fe
  • Fi
  • If
  • Ee
  • Es
  • Et
  • Is
  • And more


Whether it's Scrabble, a crossword puzzle, or any other word maker game, you can take advantage of our word creator to see all the words you can legally play, to fill in that pesky missing word, or to make words that'll help you bring home the trophy!

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