1672 Words that Start with J

This page lists words that begin with J, along with their point values in popular word games like Words With Friends and Scrabble. The longest and best-scoring words starting with J are listed first. Select your game and click a word to make sure it’s legal to play. After looking at words beginning with J, you may want to check out words that end in J or words containing J.

If you’re playing NYTimes’ Wordle, try our Wordle solver. To up your Wordle game, read about the best starting words for Wordle.

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Words That Start With J 

The letter J holds the tenth place in the modern English alphabet. The letter is relatively new; it was the last letter to be incorporated into the family of alphabets as we know them. The Roman alphabet system used to use "J" as an extension of the letter "I," acting as a fancier version known as swash. Since then, the letter has come a long way, and now has a prominent place in the current lexicon.

The simplest word that starts with J is "jo," and some of the most complex J words are “jordbruksdagarna” and “jaagsiektebossie.” If you’re an English speaker, it's important for you to learn as many words that start with J. This will not only enhance your vocabulary but will also give you an upper hand at winning word games like Wordfeud, Wordscapes and so on. 

Words That Start With J in Word Games

Some games, such as crossword puzzles, use predetermined patterns for letter placement, while games like Wordscapes and Word Cookies use a multilateral playing environment. Because these games do not depend on letter placement, the letter J has the same significance as any other letter in the alphabet.

Tile-based games on the other hand, such as Zynga's Words With Friends or Scrabble by Hasbro Inc., rely on precise placement of letter tiles. They also give points according to the letter in question as well as its placement. Therefore, the letter J and words that start with J play a more instrumental role in these games. 

Different Lengths of Words That Start With J

J is one of the highest point letters in Scrabble, making it a potentially lucrative tile to use. Because the letter appears in so many words in the English language, the more points you can gain by using the tile, the better your chances of winning.

Word lengths ranging from 4 to 8 letters are very common in Scrabble. Let's take a look at some more words that begin with J that you can use to win these games.

4 Letter Words That Start With J

  • JAVA
  • JURY
  • JIVE
  • JOWL
  • JUKE

5 Letter Words That Start With J


6 Letter Words That Start With J


7 Letter Words That Start With J


8 Letter Words That Start With J


Frequently Asked Questions 

Let's address some commonly asked questions about words that start with J.

What Are the Most Common Words That Start With J?

Some of the most common J words in the English language are jaw, joy, jam, jet, jeans, and so on. Even if English isn't your first language, you've probably heard these words more than once because they're so prevalent in our everyday vocabulary.

However, different parts of the world have their own regional expressions and dialects for everyday communication. As a result, the most common words in one region may differ from those in another.

How Can Learning Words That Start With J Make Me Better at Word Games?

Learning more words that start with the letter J will definitely aid you in winning these types of games. Furthermore, if you want to outperform your opponent, you need to have a large word list in your head. 

You can practice by looking up different word categories like tech words, history-related words, and words related to the environment, among others.

What Are Some Scrabble Bingos That Start With J?

You may be aware that using all seven of your available tiles in a single Scrabble game results in a 50 point bonus. In Scrabble lingo, that is known as a "Bingo."

Examples of a few common seven letter Bingos that start with 'J'' include:


How Do I Learn More Words That Start With J?

The days of reading an entire piece of literature to enhance your vocabulary or scouring through a dictionary for words are long gone. If you want to look for words that start with J, you don't have to go through such tedious processes anymore.

A simple Google search button in the present day shows how far modern technology has advanced. You can type any query you like into the search box and have it in front of you in seconds. 

However, word finder tools are by far the most efficient method of getting started with your journey towards expanding your vocabulary. Not only can you look for words, but you can also personalize the results to suit your requirements.

With these tools, you'll have the liberty to choose the start letter, the end letter, the word length and even the type of dictionary to view results from. You can access any dictionary you might require for most games that involve making words, regardless of where you are in the world.

How Can a Word Finder Help Me Improve at Word Games? 

Word finder tools can be a blessing if you’re looking to improve at word games. This incredible tool not only helps you expand your vocabulary, but also improves your pattern recognition abilities by showing you what words you could have optimally made for the combination of letters you had. 

Alternatively, you can also make your opponents much tougher by giving them access to these tools, which effectively forces you to play your best game in order to keep up.


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