15 Letter Words

15 Letter Words

15 Letter Words

When the number of letters in the word hits 15, you know there's something serious going on. These words are big — truly big — and usually refer to some complex chemical compound, medical condition, or philosophical issue.

On the other hand, some pretty common words are 15 letters long, and you could have been using them all along without realizing. It's important to know words of such length, though, especially if you're into word games.

15 Letter Words in Word Games

There are some games where it's not even possible to make words of this length, such as Word Cookies, Wordle, or Wordscapes, as their respective trademark owners decided to design the games in such a way. On the other hand, you have crossword puzzles, for which the size of the word is itself a clue.

Then there are those games where a 15 letter word is a holy grail of sorts, with making one being a once-in-a-lifetime moment of success. when the entire board is 15 spaces long and you've managed to pull off a 15 letter word, you know you've done something special.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the web's most-asked questions about 15 letter words, along with their answers.

How Many 15 Letter Words Are There in the English dictionary?

Depending on your source for this answer, there are between just over 1,200 to almost 6,000 fifteen letter words in the English language. These numbers vary based on region, dialect, and context.

For example, the number is likely to be near the lower end for word games like Scrabble, which omits any proper nouns and a number of slangs and slurs from its official word lists.

What Are Some Common 15 Letter Words?

This is another question with answers that depend on the part of the globe you're asking. However, if you consider the whole world, five of the most common fifteen letter words are congratulations, characteristics, procrastination, acknowledgement, and trustworthiness.

These words aren't very common in word games, though, except in advanced crosswords and a few other cases.

Can You Make 15 Letter Words in Scrabble?

As borderline outlandish as it may seem, you actually can. It will take you at least three turns to make it, and you'd be extremely lucky to get both the right tiles and the space, but it's possible.

What 15 Letter Words Are Possible In Scrabble?

If they are Scrabble words, that is, they are present in the Scrabble dictionary, they are perfectly legal for use. As long as the game has the tiles to form the 15 letter word in question, you're good to go. The bigger challenge is placing the word in just the right way to fit the word length on the board, but that can be overcome.

How Do I Make More 15 Letter Words in Words With Friends?

Not only should you find words with 15 letters and memorize them, but make sure you look for words that can be broken down to smaller Scrabble-legal words. Since you can't make a 15 letter word in one go, you'll need for at least 8 of the times to already be on the board, whether they are placed by you or your opponent. Here are some examples:

If there's an "RATIO" on the board, and it gets expanded to "RATIONAL," you can add "IZATION" to make "RATIONALIZATION"

If there's an "INTER" on the board followed by two spaces and a "DEN", you can add the rest of the letters required to create "INTERDEPENDENCE"

Say your opponent makes "LEDGE," and you add letters to turn it into "KNOWLEDGE." You can now add "AC" in front and "MENT" at the end to complete "ACKNOWLEDGEMENT"

What 15 Letter Words Are Worth the Most Points in Scrabble?

By virtue of their length, 15 letter words have the potential to be the most lucrative in Scrabble. While the words that score the most can change depending on what dictionary you're using, the following words are the most lucrative across all of them:

  • OXYPHENBUTAZONE - 41 points
  • PSYCHOANALYZING - 38 points
  • CYCLOHEXYLAMINE - 37 points
  • HYPERIMMUNIZING - 37 points
  • HYPNOTIZABILITY - 37 points

How Can I Learn More 15 Letter Words?

While poring over page after page of Google search results to find websites that have words you need along with their definitions is one way, a much more efficient thing to do is to go to a word finder site.

On a word finder site, all you have to do is enter the length of the word and you'll have an entire list of 15 letter words. You can choose to refine your search to narrow it down by including further details like what letters it contain on either end or in the center, and include blank tiles into the mix.

Best of all, this service is absolutely free, so you have everything to gain. Go ahead and make the best of word finders!

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