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Words With Letters - How to Find Words With Specific Letters in Them

Do you struggle with certain letters when playing word games? A lot of people often find it difficult to implement higher-scoring letters such as "J," "X," and "Q" when playing games such as Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Boggle. However, with modern online tools, you can essentially turn these formerly bothersome letters into high-scoring gold mines.

Our word finder ensures that you find the highest-scoring words for your group of letters while playing such games. Word game enthusiasts would know how essential a word game helper is. Apart from the games mentioned, they are also useful when solving crossword puzzles, as you can get stuck and may be unable to find a missing word. Word finder is there to solve your problem and find words from any word list.

What Is a Word Finder?

A word finder is essentially a word game helper and a reference tool for word games. It helps you by showing you all the words that can be formed by your collection of letters regardless of word length.

If you have any favorite word games and would like to improve your skill level and form high-scoring words, a word finder is exactly what you need, though this tool can also be used as a word cheat. If you face difficulties forming valid words using random letters, this could also help you hone some skills.

Be it as a cheat tool, a website to practice making new words on, to find possible combinations of a particular word, or even to form words for other word games, a word finder will always come in handy one way or another — we just hope that you will use it ethically.

Different Uses of a Word Finder

Word finders have many uses as listed below.

  • An instrument to settle disputes
  • A tool for practicing the process of coming up with words using certain letters within a short timeframe
  • A tool to unscramble letters and unscramble words from a list of scrambled words
  • A reference tool while playing word games
  • A cheat tool to always win your favorite game

What's The Right Time to Use a Word Finder?

No matter what word game you play, you might need a word finder to help you make the perfect valid word at some point. It could be for anything ranging from solving anagrams to playing word puzzle games. Imagine you are in a scenario where you are playing Scrabble or Words With Friends, and have too many consonants and no blank tiles and are at a loss for possible words you can make with your hand. Such situations are where we come in.

Solving anagrams

Anagrams are quite straightforward to solve when the number of letter combinations is low. However, when there are many letters, things can get dicey very fast. This is where our tool comes to the rescue. Simply input the combination of words or letters and watch as our engine does the hard work for you.

Winning Word Games

If you are struggling to figure out certain words, find the correct answer, or think of the optimal word for a particular situation while playing a word game, fret not. Word games can often get difficult, but the point is to have fun. It is absolutely normal to get stuck and be unable to find words.

Instead of saying frustrated, maybe use our little thingamajig to find relief for your struggles. For example, if you are stuck while solving a crossword puzzle, simply use our word solver to find the exact words required to win.

Settling Disputes

While playing board games such as Scrabble, disputes can often arise when there's no official dictionary in use. In this situation, all you need to do is type in the scrambled word into our word unscrambler and you will instantly get the meaning for it. With our awesome little site, there will be no more unnecessary arguments while being engaged in board games.


With a word finder ready to enhance your vocabulary, you can practice making words of specific lengths and prepare for all kinds of situations by checking what words you could have made for a particular collection of letters after you have played your hand.

In short, learning how to make new words always comes in handy. Practicing enables you to get the best out of a blank tile as you can search our word list while accounting for those.

Reaching the Next Level

If you have been solving word puzzles for quite some time, now is the time for you to level up. Just about every hand in every word game that has you making words out of a bunch of letters has a lot of hidden potential. To make high-scoring words with these letters, you need to first practice with a word finder.

Using our site gives you a new perspective on your scrambled letters. Our engine even takes care of wild cards such as a blank tile. As we know, you need to make words that score highly to win, allowing you to achieve just that. However, let your fellow players know if you use a letter solver for reference.

How to Use Our Word Finder?

In order to get the best results possible, you first need to understand how to operate our tool and utilize it to its maximum potential.

The Basics

So let's learn the basic information needed to operate this tool. It is fairly simple, and when you use it you will see that the interface is quite intuitive. All you have to do is simply input the letters you have into the word solver and press Enter. You will then see all the words that can be created by your letter combination show up, with the site sorting words by length. The more letters you input (up to a certain maximum), the more words you will usually find.

Advanced Search Functions

To further optimize or fine-tune the search, you could utilize the added features of the tool. These advanced search functions allow you to be more specific and even account for any blank space you may have to fill in. This is a great feature for experts and rookies alike, as it enables you to get exactly the kind of words you need regardless of length or rarity. Stem the brain drain and let us do the thinking.

Which Dictionary to Follow?

There are generally two officially-recognized dictionaries — the Cambridge Dictionary from England and the Merriam-Webster dictionary from the US. Word games, however, can have their own dictionary. For example, Scrabble and Words With Friends have different dictionaries — so make sure you have selected the proper one for your game. New words are also added from time to time, so remember to stay up to date with the information, or just use our service because we always stay updated.

A Few Examples of Unscrambling Words

These examples are given to ensure that you have an even better idea regarding word unscrambling and how our word solver works. This is because understanding the basics is always necessary to ease the learning curve and enable you to try out advanced features.

Example 1 - "VESERRE"

In this scenario, most beginners would have chosen the word "SEVER" or "SERVE", which are quite decent, but when you utilize our engine, you instantly find words that earn you way more points. For instance, our tool could give you words such as "RESERVE," "REVERSE," or REVERES, which are higher-scoring words and can get you bonus points in certain games.

Example 2 - "COTBYOT"

Most beginners, in this situation, would have the words "BOY," TOY, "COY," or "BOT" whirring around their minds. These words are fairly straightforward to come up with but do not perform extravagantly well in word games. If the player had utilized our service, they would have received the more difficult and high-scoring "BOYCOTT."

Example 3 - "SIRLATNE"

At first glance, many words immediately appear to anyone with average lexical ability. However, most of these words are three to four-letter words, which are exactly what would come to the mind of a mediocre player. If you know your way around a word game, you might find words using 5 or even 6 letters.

However, only a fraction of all people would be able to form words using all of the letters. If you're not confident that you're a part of that elite club, using our engine would easily give you the highest-scoring word — "ENTRAILS" — in a heartbeat. This is how our solver helps you ace word puzzle games and come out as the victor.

Benefits Gained From Playing Word Puzzles

A myriad of benefits can be gained by playing word puzzle games by both children and adults. Brain stimulation, vocabulary development, and increased decision-making abilities are a few of the qualities attained from such games. Even expert English speakers have plenty to gain from word games since there really is no limit to learning. Here are some of these benefits discussed in depth.

Benefits for Children

Solving word puzzles from a young age stimulates the minds of children and increases their cognitive functions. Their problem-solving abilities also increase and they generally tend to be smarter in contrast to regular children.

Children also become more adept at solving complex puzzles when they grow older, and their logical thinking skills improve — allowing them to perform better in other subjects. Children also learn more about the fundamentals of the English language and develop a far superior vocabulary.

Benefits Seasoned Experts Gain

While it is true that experts have plenty of experience and possess far superior puzzle-solving skills, there's always room for improvement. Experts can use this site as a reference tool after solving scrambled words or anagrams by themselves. They could also learn new words that can be valuable to their vocabulary, such as words past a specific length.

As mentioned before, new words are introduced at frequent intervals. This means that even veterans can face new words and learn from such tools. They can also judge their own performances by comparing words created by them with other possible combinations. If two experts face any arguments while competing in a match, they could also use this as something of a quicker dictionary.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have some questions as to how you could make the perfect words with letters that aren't common. This section is dedicated to answering the most commonly asked questions on this topic.

Am I Allowed to Use This Tool During Competitions?

Sadly, to keep things fair, almost every tournament bans using the word unscramblers. However, you could still use our site to practice before the tournament. Even if using word helpers is not allowed, they always come in handy while preparing for competitions.

How Can I Find Words With Certain Letters?

This can be easily done using our advanced options. You just have to select your specific letter, input the scrambled letters, and voila, you'll have all the letter combinations for words with that letter. You can then tinker around to find just about anything you need.

How Much Does it Cost to Use This Tool?

You'll be happy to know that this site is absolutely free to use!

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