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Anagram Solver - Generate Any Word With Just a Click

An anagram solver gives you the upper hand while solving word scramble puzzles or while playing word games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Text Twist.

Word Finder is a top-of-the-line anagram solving tool with which you can ace board games, crosswords, and other online puzzle games where you find the missing word. Enter your letter combinations to generate all the possible words within seconds.

What Are Anagrams?

You probably know what an anagram is. Just in case, anagrams are words or phrases formed using the letters of other words or phrases. There are both single-word anagrams and multiple-word anagrams.

For instance, Harry Potter fans might remember that there was an important anagram in the second book and movie: The name "Tom Marvolo Riddle" can be rearranged into "I am Lord Voldemort."

Are There Any Rules for Making Anagrams?

The rules for making anagrams are quite straightforward. You just have to make sure that you use all the letters from the original word or phrase without adding any extra letters.

Now, let's see how an anagram solver can help you win both online and offline games and become a seasoned anagram finder yourself.

How Can an Anagram Solver Help You Win Word Games?

Anagram unscramblers find every possible combination of words that can be made using the letters in the original word. While playing word games such as Words With Friends, knowing anagrams can help you view your rack of letters from different perspectives.

Being a better anagram solver will always give you a winning edge over the competition when it comes to word games. Similar to how chess players train using engines, an anagram solver is a great tool for training your mind to spot lucrative moves faster, especially in the case of solving single-word anagrams.

How It Works

Our anagram maker first checks the letters you've entered. Next, similar to a word maker, it figures out all the possible words that can be formed.

The only way an anagram maker differs from a word maker is that it generates words that are formed using all the letters in the words or phrases you enter. On the other hand, word makers form words with some or all of the letters you enter.

Anagram Solver for Scrabble

Veteran Scrabble players will already know the benefits of anagram generators. In this classic board game, players have to create words using letter tiles that they pick randomly, with each play scoring points based on the letters used.

Given how tightly contested games can be, a single word can determine the victor. In such a game, every word counts. An anagram creator like ours can give you the longest word with the most points regardless of the situation on the board.

Anagram Solver for Words With Friends

In the same way, an anagram generator is also invaluable when it comes to playing Words With Friends. The English language has a myriad of words, and new words are added at regular intervals to the official dictionaries of word games. Since our Word Finder tool is integrated with fully updated dictionaries specific to each game, you can always expect to stay one step ahead.

Win Your First Word Game

Our anagram creator is especially helpful for people who have just started playing word games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, Text Twist, or other games that require you to find new anagrams.

For example, while playing Scrabble, you have a set of seven letters. As a newbie, you may only be able to make very common words. However, if you use our anagram solver, you can see all your options immediately.

Alternatively, if you have practiced playing word games and using our anagram solver to fill the gaps in your knowledge, you'll be more adept at rearranging letters to find words.

Best Ways to Use Our Anagram Solver

It might not be immediately obvious how you should use an anagram solver. As we've mentioned before, you can also solve word unscrambling puzzles in any word game.

This includes multiple-word anagrams, where our anagram finder helps you discover words and phrases rearranged from others. This tool can offer combinations made from two, four, eight, or even more words. Here are some tips on how to best use this tool.

Getting Started

If you want to start playing word games like an expert, the first key is to start using our tool. To use our anagram solver, enter a collection of letters, a word, or a phrase and wait while our word anagram aid finds all the possible combinations.

Our tool easily rids you of frustration when you're stuck at a game. It can also help you learn new words from groups of jumbled letters.

Playing Fair

If you use our anagram solver while playing Words With Friends or any other word game, do remember to make everyone else aware and give them access to it if they want. Winning is no fun if you don't play games challenging your mental acuity.

It's a great idea for each player to use this tool after their turn to see what words they could have made. This also trains your mind to see those words in future games.

Using this discreetly would give you an unfair advantage, ruining the purpose and spirit of the game. You may feel an urge to cheat, but ask yourself if fairness and your integrity are worth setting aside.

On the other hand, however, you do not have to let other players know if you use an anagram solver while practicing on your own. Use this tool during your leisure time to train your mind for word games where no external tools are allowed.

Bridging the Gap

If a new player is playing against a seasoned player, it would be extremely unfair for the new player. They may face problems coming up with high-scoring words.

With our anagram solver, it is possible to create a level playing field in a word game even when players have vastly different experience levels. Give the beginner(s) access to our Word Finder tool to catch them up with more experienced opponents. You may prefer to let beginners use the tool once every few rounds rather than every round.

For Experienced Players As Well

No matter how good you are at your favorite word game, there is still room for improvement. Are you trying to solve multiple words for the first time? Wondering how many words are too many for you to solve?

Practicing with this tool enables you to better understand the English language while also learning from an inexhaustible supply of new words.

Other Uses of an Anagram Solver

Here are some other games and scenarios where you can use our anagram solver.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles can be too challenging at times, with your brain simply struggling to find the right word. This is when you can use our tool. Don't let that annoying puzzle with that one rogue clue ruin your day. Instead, enter the letters you have and allow our engine to fill in the blank tiles with the particular letters you need to finish your word.


You can use our tool in order to prepare your mind and practice for tournaments and competitions.

In order to win, you need something to differentiate yourself from the rest. That can be done by sharpening your mind and senses to find patterns and unscramble words. Practice makes perfect, so the more you practice, the high are your chances of coming out on top.

Example of a Popular Anagram Phrase

A prime example of an anagram comes from the coveted Harry Potter series. As depicted in the second book and movie, Lord Voldemort's name came from his original name. The letters in "Tom Marvolo Riddle" can be rearranged to form the words "I am Lord Voldemort." This specific scene introduced the idea of anagrams to numerous people.

How Can I Solve Anagrams Without a Tool?

While using our word unscrambler tool is optimal, you may not have access to it in all circumstances. Here are some tips to help you in those times.

Vowel Placement

When rearranging the letters in a word, arrange the vowels and consonants into common patterns and separate them into groups rather than ordering individual letters.

Exhaust Each Possibility

See how many words you can form starting with each letter. You never know what you might find lurking behind the letter you'd least expect to give you a word.

When practicing, check our tool to see if any words are missing from your list so you won't miss them in the future. Your greatest rival should always be you.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading all this, you may still have a few questions left. Let's try to answer them.

Do experienced players need this tool?

To answer simply, yes. Even if you are a seasoned player, you should use our tool to practice and polish your skills. There may be a surprising number of words you're missing each turn.

Do I need to pay for this anagram solver?

No, our anagram solver is absolutely free to use. Learn every single collection of words possible without paying a dime.

What are some examples of anagrams?

"Elbow" is an anagram of "below" because the letters in both words are exactly the same, just in a different order. Similarly, "desserts" can be rearranged into "stressed." The list goes on.

Is "anagrammer" a legal word?

When it comes to playing a word game, "anagrammer" is only recognized as a legal word in the UK Scrabble dictionary. The definition is "someone who enjoys solving anagrams."


There are plenty of constructive ways to use our anagram solver, whether you're playing online puzzle games, offline word games, or any other word game involving letter combinations. If strategy demands that you use particular letters or find the longest word, our anagram finder is truly a great tool to use.

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