4 Letter Words

If you have ever taken even a handful of English classes, you'll know that some of the first English words one learns are four letters long. One of the first things one is taught in any English course is how to say one's own "name" — a four letter word.

Whether it's common four letter words like "that" or "does" or more rarely used ones such as "coif" or "rand," 4 letter words remain an inseparable part of our lexicon for as long as we retain the knowledge of the English language.

4 Letter Words

4 Letter Words in Word Games

Although you may or may not use too many different four letter words in the course of a day, if you are into playing word games like Scrabble and Words With Friends, you might want to brush up on your four-letter vocabulary.

Four letter words are extremely common in both games because of a lack of space on the board, lack of tiles suitable for use given the situation on the board, and the lack of game knowledge and language skills of the vast majority of casual players.

4 Letter Words Frequently Asked Questions

If you like to play a word game or two in your spare time, you might want to take a look at the following questions that people ask about four letter words, as it might answer some questions you yourself might have.

How Many 4 Letter Words Are There?

The answer to this depends entirely on which dictionary you look inside. For example, as far as the Scrabble dictionary is concerned, there are 3,996 words with 4 letters. From "bear" to "jack" to "date" all the way down to "zeal," they're all on that list.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Free Dictionary states that there are 149,165 words of such length.

What Are the Most Common Four Letter Words?

This seems like a straightforward question at first, and is one of the most frequent searches regarding the topic.

Although regions and dialects usually determine the frequency of words being used, some common 4 letter words such as "that," "what," "with," and "this" stand above the rest in terms of usage.

What Are Some Good 4 Letter Words?

There are really no such things as good or bad words — whether they are common words or rarely used, begin with consonants or vowels.

The only thing that matters is whether you are using them with the right context and meaning, and in the case of games, how much you can score with them!

Are 4 Letter Words Good for Word Games?

Four letter words are extremely useful for popular word unscrambling games like Words With Friends, Scrabble, and Boggle, and depending on the clues, they are also important for crosswords and other word puzzles.

However, these words are definitely more important for the first two games mentioned, as Boggle invariably only gives 1 point for both 3 and 4 letter words.

What 4 Letter Words Are in the Scrabble Dictionary?

Although we have already mentioned that there are 3,996 such words in the game's dictionary, the answer may vary slightly depending on whether you look in the Scrabble US or Scrabble UK version of the book.

While we naturally can't list them all here, you can always use our word finder to get every Scrabble-legal word of this length, and even choose between the two aforementioned dictionaries.

What Are Some High-Scoring Four Letter Words?

Since Scrabble is a game with many different aspects, the score of a word depends greatly upon other words formed on the side and bonus squares used.

However, in terms of raw value, the following are some high-scoring Scrabble words.

QUIZ - 22 points

The world beater of 4 letter Scrabble words, "QUIZ" getting this over a word multiplier (or even letter multiplier under any of the chunky letters) lets you grab a whole bunch of points. There are also not many four letter words starting with the letter "Q," so this is important if you're short on space.

JEEZ - 20 points

A colloquial contraction of the common exclamation "Jesus," this fun little word could surprise the best of Scrabble opponents, and is a word sure to deal your opponent a blow and leave them hazy in the eyes.

JAZZ - 19 points

Although this one requires a blank tile to pull off, you would do well to save this one in your head as it could come in handy. It's quite difficult to make because of the tiles required, but it could be a good way to rid yourself of some hard-to-place letters in a pinch.

WHIZ - 19 points

Another word that's quite difficult to pull off due to the individual rareness of its letters, this can nevertheless net you a lot of points since both W and H can easily dock with a wide range of vowels.

JINX - 18 points

This magical word is one of just two Scrabble-valid 4 letter words that start with J and end with X. The other is "jeux," which gives the same number of points.

How Can I Learn More Four Letter Words?

Learning words of this length are pretty easy. Instead of looking for related links on Google, just visit our website and use our word finder tool to generate a plethora of legitimate 4-letter words.

We assure you that your research will be much faster, as you'll be able to find all the words you need sorted by length.

Can I Use a Word Finder While Playing With Friends?

If you are using a word finder site or app while playing with friends, make sure they either know about it or have access to the same thing. Otherwise, it would be unfair.

Don't wait for the middle of the game to tell them, either. Inform them in the beginning and have a fair, balanced game.

What 4 Letter Words Require Blank Tiles to Complete?

Even in the case of such small words, any word that has two Zs will invariably require blank tiles to create. This is also why such words don't make the highest scoring list.

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