9 Letter Words

They might not be the most common sight in word games, or be used frequently in conversation or written communication by those who are not very familiar with the English language, but nine letter words are still important to learn.

Whether your goal is to just learn more words or beat your friends at Words With Friends, Scrabble, or other word games, learning more 9 letter words can help you in both regards.

9 Letter Words

9 Letter Words in Word Games

The utility of such words depends greatly on what game you're playing. For certain games and puzzles, you will see them far more often, while in others they'll be an extremely rare sight.

That being said, nine letter words will come in handy quite often in any word games not involving a board, such as crosswords, anagrams, word finders, and word unscramble games.

Frequently Asked Questions About 9 Letter Words

If you wish to learn more about words with nine letters and improve your vocabulary, the following section will give you all the tips, tricks, and tools.

What Are Some Common Nine Letter Words?

Although the most common 9 letter word being used varies from region to region, some of the more popular ones are "something," "different," "following," "important," "therefore," and "sometimes."

How Many 9 Letter Words Are There?

There are around 41,000 nine-letter words in the English language. That's quite a lot of words to remember, so if you're planning to research them, you have quite a challenge ahead.

Are 9 Letter Words Good For Scrabble or Other Similar Games?

Although you won't see many 9-letter words in Scrabble or Words With Friends due to their length, this also means that finding one can essentially see you win the game.

Granted, you need to get pretty crazy lucky to be able to play such words in these games, but if you know enough 9-letter words, you're more likely to pull one off.

What Nine Letter Words Are in the Scrabble Dictionary?

There are between 40,700 and 41,000 words that are exactly nine letters in length in the Scrabble UK dictionary.

This includes everything from common words like "community," "beginning," and "opponents" to rarities such as "bemuzzled," "abaciscus," and "ibogaines."

What Are Some High Scoring Nine Letter Words in Scrabble?

Now, Scrabble is a complex game with tiles that have different point values based on their rarity, so getting a word with a big score depends greatly on many different factors.

There's the score provided by each individual tile, the score provided by bonus spaces, and any additional marks you rack up when you create connecting or adjacent words.

Moreover, bear in mind that as Scrabble only gives you 7 tiles on each turn, you'll need to find two letters with enough space before or after them to allow you to dock 7 additional ones onto them.

All of those factors aside, when you only think of possible words within the Scrabble tileset that are worth the most, the following words take the cake:

EXCHEQUER - 30 points

This fancy-sounding word might look nearly impossible to pull off at first, but when you realize that "EX," "ER," and "HE" are all legal words, you might feel a bit more helpful.

EXOENZYME - 30 points

Another word with plenty of valuable letters is again pushed into the realm of possibility by the fact that its first two and last two letters are standalone words on their own.

QUINZHEES - 30 points

This word sounds and even looks weird, but it's real and is the name for a certain type of snow shelter made in Canada.

MAXIMIZES - 29 points

Although it doesn't maximize your points as far as 9-letter words go, getting this word can definitely maximize your chances of winning.

You have a great chance of getting this word, but due to the sum of its parts, it might not come with a Bingo.

HIGHJACKS - 29 points

There's a much lower chance of you pulling this off due to its composition, and almost impossible to get a Bingo from it as it's very unlikely that you will find a free "HI" as a present, but it's out there for the taking.

Are There Any Nine Letter Words With One Vowel?

It might surprise you to know that there are actually quite a few English words with 9 letters that have just one vowel.

The first ones that come to mind are "sprightly," "dystrophy," and "strengths."

How Can I Learn More 9 Letter Words?

Given the sheer number of 9-letter words out there, it's probably not the wisest idea to try to learn every word along with its meaning.

While you can use Google to find links to websites that will give you thousands of words and their meanings, that might feel like a chore.

Instead, you can try using our word finder tool to get the same thing done, but faster.

Can I Use a Word Finder to Learn 9 Letter Words?

There are many ways in which you can use such a tool to your advantage. Just one search and you will get the complete list of valid 9 letter words for any major word game dictionary.

You can even use a filter to narrow down your search, such as only looking for words that start with a vowel, or those with a particular letter combination.

You can also click any of the search results to learn their meanings, and even have the results sorted in terms of the score value they provide or alphabetical order.

Can I Use a Word Finder While Playing Scrabble With Friends?

It should be perfectly fine to use such a site or app while playing a casual game with friends, but make sure the whole group knows you're using it to solve your letter scrambles, and that whoever else wants access to it, gets it.

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